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How To Find Clarity That Can Change Your Life

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Wondering how to find clarity? Here’s a practice that can help you discover the kind of clarity that can change your life.   Clarity is the very honest and truthful connection to our inner selves. It’s that feeling we get when we’re no longer focused on the opinions and beliefs of others – but instead […]

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Breaking Through Vs. Breaking Free

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What’s the difference between breaking through vs. breaking free? A lifetime of difference. Here’s how to reach your breakfree:  I recently realized I had more healing to do.  Sometimes, you don’t know the pain is still hiding deep inside, until something triggers you – decades later – and all that hurt rears its ugly head […]

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How To Support A Griever

How to support a griever, supporting a griever, support someone who’s grieving, how to support someone who’s grieving, help someone who’s grieving, how to help someone who’s grieving, art of healing, healing from loss, healing from child loss, grieving

Learn how to support a griever when you have no idea what to do or say to make the pain go away. Hint: It’s not what you think.  I recently talked to a griever who felt like there was no space for her pain. She lost a loved one, and on his birthday, her friends […]

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The Difference Between Success & Fulfillment

success, fulfillment, Difference Between Success and Fulfillment, success vs fulfillment, success versus fulfillment, The A.R.T. of Healing, the art of healing, art of healing, melissa hull

Here’s my take on the difference between success and fulfillment – and why I choose fulfillment.    It’s still early in the year. You’re in hustle mode. You’re working long hours, which turn into longer days, without giving yourself enough time to stop and ask why.  So I’m here to ask you some real questions. […]

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It’s Here: The A.R.T. of Healing

The A.R.T. of Healing, the art of healing, art of healing, healing from loss, healing from child loss, grief, grieving, grieving a child, loss of a child, melissa hull

Decades in the making, The A.R.T. of Healing is finally here. My whole life has been leading up to this mission.  I know the grips of despair. I know the weight of self-hatred. And I know the pain of self-blame.  But I also know, on the other side of those emotions, I can see the […]

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Why Living Through 2020 Felt Like Grieving

2020, grief, grieving, why 2020 is like grieving, why 2020 is like grief, grief in 2020, the grieving process, healing from 2020, Melissa Hull, The Melissa Hull Show

You’re not the only one who thought living through 2020 felt like grieving. Don’t head into your 2021 goals without letting 2020 go.  Right now, we’re collectively feeling isolated in our own experiences.  The global pandemic. Business shutdowns. School closures. Sickness and loss.  There’s been so much hurt and disruption from what used to be […]

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My Divine Calling ✨

Divine calling, find your calling, find your great, find your greatness, find your passion, discover your greatness, discover your calling, pivot, passion, passionate, Melissa Hull,

I found my divine calling, and I’m about to shake things up a little bit.  Back in October, I shared my commitment to give up my GOOD to find my GREAT. Well, today I know what that looks like with clarity and certainty – and I am filled with joy to be able to share it […]

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How To Feel Whole Again

how to feel whole again, feel whole, whole again, feel whole again, wholeness mindset, healing, healing journey, living a whole life, Melissa Hull, The Melissa Hull Show

After life leaves us feeling shattered, we can struggle to put the pieces back together. Here’s how to feel whole again.  There’s a Japanese art form based on the idea that wholeness can always be recreated.  When a pot or piece of artwork breaks, in the Japanese tradition, kintsugi is the practice of gluing it […]

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