Unlock Your Most

Iconic Life

Are you stuck in the struggle and pain of an unfulfilling life – even though you know in your heart that you’re meant for more? 

It’s time to stop letting the people, the problems, and the pain of your past pause the progress of your present potential.  

The Iconic Women's Self-Discovery Series teaches you how to live in alignment with your values, in manifestation of your desires, and in service to your purpose.

Because the life you desire IS possible.

I know firsthand that a broken heart still beats. That’s why I created the Iconic Women's Program – to help you transform through trauma, break free of limiting beliefs, and redesign the life you always knew was possible. If you feel lost, broken-hearted or nothing at all, I’m going to show you how to turn deep insight into empowering action and finally embrace the woman within you who leads with joy, purpose and divine love.

-Melissa Hull

Transformation Coach, Healer, Author, Speaker, Show Host & Iconic Woman

Discover Your Inner Icon

You don’t choose pain. You don’t wish for struggle. But sometimes life hands it to you anyway.

Trauma. Loss. Depression. Divorce. Burnout. Betrayal. Heartbreak. Shame. Disappointment. There are a million ways for life to break your heart. Yet, no one shows you how to put it back together. 

Right now, you might be feeling like the world is against you. Like you’re treading water no matter how hard you try to move forward. Maybe you’re stuck in the shadows of past trauma. Or you feel lost, numb and burnt out. For some reason – you just can’t break the cycle. 

You’re stuck. Your life isn’t moving forward. And you’re starting to lose all hope. 

But here’s the truth no one tells you: It’s not about what happened to you – it’s about what can happen within you. 

Your life circumstances can steal your joy, dim your light, and steal your purpose – and if you don’t take active steps to rebuild yourself, then they will – OR you can choose to see each challenge as a set-up instead of a setback. You can quiet your mind and let your heart reveal the deeper story. You can connect to the wisdom within and take empowered action toward a life of your unique design. 

You may have lost sight of your own inner icon – but she’s the one who will save you. 

And you don’t have to do it alone. 
  1. Are you ready to move past that stuck feeling and discover an inner power you didn’t know existed? 
  2. Do you want a life of peace, joy, fulfillment, purpose and divine love? 
  3. Do you have a roadmap and a guide to help turn your insights into powerful yet aligned action?

"With every challenge in life, you have a choice. You can see it as a setback – or a setup. But you have to choose."

-Melissa Hull

What’s the Iconic Women's Community?

The Iconic Women's Self-Discovery Series is a transformational program and community that empowers you to rediscover your heart and mind, align your life with your truest values, and live from a place of healed, vibrant, unstoppable purpose.

This is how you grow through what you go through – and shine brighter on the other side.

Rediscover Yourself

Release limiting beliefs and emotional barriers to make space for clarity, acceptance and forgiveness.

Re-engage Your Heart

Learn to connect to your heart in new ways that allow you to lead with divine love and compassion.

Redesign Your Future

Assign empowered meaning to your circumstances to reimagine and unlock your most vibrant potential.

This is your roadmap to unshakeable inner confidence and divine purpose.

An Iconic Woman shows up in life by her own design.

You never anticipate being devastated by loss, illness, divorce, abuse, betrayal or rejection, and when it happens, it takes everything within you just to survive. But it’s the actions we take after heartbreak and hardship that shape your outcomes and define your future. 

The Iconic Women's Self-Discovery Series helps you transform your trauma, break free of your past, and redesign the life you always knew was possible. This community is here to unleash your potential and rebuild a life you can’t wait to live in every day.

The Iconic Women's Community is 

transforming women just like YOU!

Nancy and Scott Kiesling

“Melissa Hull, a powerhouse of a woman, who has a gigantic heart, just wanting to help as many people as she can. It shows in everything she does. We got to learn from her over the last six months, and we so enjoyed getting to connect again in person. Feel like I’ve not only gained a new mentor, but also a friend. She tells it like it is all of the time with integrity, honesty, and 100% heart. Look forward to learning more from you in the future, Melissa!”  

Teresa Snider

“Melissa Hull:  I hope you know that YOU were a BIG reason I stayed in the competition until the very end.  I love everything that you represent.  You are classy, humble and a quiet voice to be reckoned with.  I follow all of your blogs and watched and read your content because I always learned something from you.  My dream is to have a platform that caterers to women in their mid 40s and older.  I want them to know it's not too late.  Women deserve a second chance at life in business, love, dreams and more.  I want to have a platform that is fun and exciting for women to connect and love and grow together.  YOU kept that dream alive for me.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Ashley Garcia

In the years after my son’s death I was unable to concentrate on anything but him not being here with us anymore.  I was struggling everyday to deal with the pain. After speaking with Melissa Hull, I have realized that I can live again. Her words gave me the hope I needed. Her ART of healing community has been a beautiful place for me to come and be inspired and encouraged as I continue to move forward in life.

Unlock your Inner Icon - FREE Workshop 

with Melissa Hull

March 25th, 2022 


Every woman has the potential to be an Icon even if she doesn’t see it right now.

Discover how to align with your inner icon and thrive in your life again.

Join The Iconic Women's Community & Unlock Your Most Vibrant YOU

You’re on your own unique journey. That’s why there are many ways to get involved with the Iconic Woman tribe. Take transformation at your own pace with self-guided coursework, group coaching, private coaching, and vibrant community support from other Iconic Women. 

  • Face, overcome and grow through life’s toughest challenges

  • Reimagine your internal belief system and end self-sabotage for good

  • Learn to truly love yourself with radical acceptance and self-forgiveness 

  • Release the world’s expectations and choose life on your own terms

  • Redesign a future that reflects your most aligned dreams and desires 

  • Unlock your greatest potential with tested tools, resources and coursework

  • Move through your transformation experience with structure, support and accountability

  • Thrive the the love and encouragement of an empowered vibe tribe

You will live with joy and purpose again. I’ll show you how. 

Meet Melissa Hull, Founder of Melissa Hull Academy 

I believe it’s my divine calling to pass on the tools I’ve learned through my own blood, sweat and tears, so that other women can rediscover their power and purpose in an empowered setting of love, acceptance and sisterhood. 

If you feel like you’ve lost your sense of self to the pain and chaos of hardship and adversity, I want to show you how to rediscover your identity, find an inner power you never knew you had, and access the tools you need to rebuild yourself and your future.

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Isn't it time you looked at your life 

and loved what you saw?

Just because the world told you that you’re broken, damaged, less than, or not enough DOES NOT mean it’s true! You are full of vibrant, divine, unstoppable grace. It’s time to take control of the narrative of your life and define meaning on your own terms! 

You deserve to be the author of your own life and write the ending of your own story. Be brave enough to write a story where you were spiritually whole, emotionally free, and endlessly joyful.


Have questions? Here are answers to the questions we hear most often...

How do you describe an Iconic Woman?

Her beliefs, choices and outcomes are so aligned with her dream vision for the future that she’s living her purpose with success and joy – and no one can stop her. She’s so firm in who she is that no person, experience or obstacle can invalidate her. And she’s so self-loving that her energy is contagious, touching every relationship in her life with compassion. Put simply, a woman who’s discovered her inner icon is truly and irrevocably vibrant. 

What if I don’t feel Iconic?

If there's one thing I know for sure, it’s this: Every woman has an inner icon – even if she doesn't see that right now. How do I know that? I’m living proof. I’ve been through every challenge you can imagine, but it wasn’t until I discovered a very specific set of mindsets, tools and practices that I was able to redesign and recreate the joyful and fulfilled life I always imagined was possible.

What can the Iconic Women's Community give me that I can’t find on Google?

It’s been a journey, but today I have gathered the knowledge, experience and tools it takes to recreate a joyful life on the other side of unthinkable life circumstances. In fact, I’ve spent 20+ years learning from different disciplines, mentors, therapists, healers, arts, sciences, courses, communities and more. I even find lessons on the tennis court every day. The best part is: I wrote it all down. I’m talking journals full. A home-library worth of research. Plus decades of raw, vulnerable conversations with women just like you. And honestly, that’s just scratching the surface.

What can I take away from the Iconic Women's Program?

The life you envision will gradually transform into the life you’re actually living. You’ll turn your wildest dreams into reality, and you’ll touch the lives of everyone you know just by doing it. More importantly, you’ll begin to honor your connection with yourself every day, and live in a deep state of love and acceptance for who you are. That’s an iconic life.


What’s the difference between a coach and a counselor?

Typically, counselors will help you reflect on your past and talk through the process of healing, life coaches help you live in a healed state by focusing on the path forward. Life coaches are there when you need the support of a friend and the guidance of a mentor, without the rehash of your past. The Iconic Woman Course incorporates therapeutic fundamentals and tools from many different disciplines, but this collection of approaches is designed to help you apply them to your present and future. 

I’m ready for an Iconic Life! Where should I start?

I knew you had that Iconic Woman vibe! The best way to start creating the divine life you deserve is to join the incredible Iconic Woman community.

You are one decision, once choice, one thought, away from the life you truly want. Are you ready to live an Iconic Life?

What else does Melissa do?

While most entrepreneurs check their personal life at the office door, Melissa Hull has built a global media empire by doing just the opposite. For as long as she can remember, Melissa has let her life experiences guide her professional opportunities, and along the way, she’s become a multi-passionate entrepreneur who excels in creating and implementing a different kind of business approach: using the power of personal story. Whether she’s sharing her own story from the stage, producing compelling media content worldwide, or coaching others to do the same, Melissa has figured out how to connect message-based brands with their perfect audience — and make a global impact.

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