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You are Iconic!

Hi! I'm Melissa Hull..

Mother, Author, Speaker, Leader, Mentor & Show Host & ICON!

That’s right – you heard me say I’m an Icon. I spent years doing the work to discover my inner icon, and I’ll let you in on a little secret ...

I know there’s an icon within you, too!                     

Now, you might be wondering: 
What makes a Woman Iconic?
An Iconic Woman is someone whose beliefs, choices and outcomes are so aligned with her dream vision for the future that she’s living her purpose with success and joy – and no one can stop her. She’s so firm in who she is that no person, experience or obstacle can invalidate her. And she’s so self-loving that her energy is contagious, touching every relationship in her life with compassion. Put simply, a woman who’s discovered her inner icon is truly and irrevocably vibrant.

Every woman has the potential to be an Icon

even if she doesn't see that right now.

How do I know that? Well, I am living proof. You see, I’ve been through every challenge you can imagine, but it wasn’t until I discovered a very specific set of mindsets, tools and practices that I was able to redesign and recreate the vibrant and fulfilled life I always imagined was possible. And it all started with the conscious choice to leave behind an old way of thinking. I examined long-held beliefs I was conditioned to believe by others and the world, and instead, I rebuilt empowering ones in their place. I became the conscious creator of my thoughts, decisions and outcomes. I took ownership of my life in every way I could, from my environments to my relationships. And I dedicated myself to responding to adversity from a place of clarity and empowered action.

I consciously decided what each environment, relationship and life event would mean to me and how it would impact my life. The more I trusted myself and followed my intuition, the more I realized my worth no longer came from others’ acceptance – because I accepted myself. What happened next was simply magic. After years of doing the work, the life I envisioned became the life I was living. I could turn my wildest dreams into my reality, and I could touch the lives of everyone around me simply by doing it. Most importantly, I was honoring my connection to myself every day, and I was living in a deep state of love and acceptance for who I am.

I had discovered myIinner Icon!

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I want women to know it’s absolutely possible to be the conscious creator of their own lives. To manifest big visions and wildest dreams. To arrive at a place where you feel vibrant and fully alive. That’s right – I’m on a personal mission to make empowered living accessible for every woman.

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Melissa opens her heart and speaks with love and compassion to all that are ready to find their way through the pain and discover their possibilities.

Sylvia High 


After speaking with Melissa, I realized I could live again! Her words gave me the hope I needed.

Ashley Garcia


Sometimes we need a person who has been through the pain we find ourselves in today, to be the lighthouse of what is possible. Melissa Hull has been that person for me.

Jennifer Dyer Jenkins

What else does Melissa do?

While most entrepreneurs check their personal life at the office door, Melissa Hull has built a global media empire by doing just the opposite. For as long as she can remember, Melissa has let her life experiences guide her professional opportunities, and along the way, she’s become a multi-passionate entrepreneur who excels in creating and implementing a different kind of business approach: using the power of personal story. Whether she’s sharing her own story from the stage, producing compelling media content worldwide, or coaching others to do the same, Melissa has figured out how to connect message-based brands with their perfect audience — and make a global impact.

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