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You are one decision away from
the life you truly want.

Free yourself from fear and unapologetically shape your life story.

Melissa Portrait

Melissa will
challenge you…

…to disrupt toxic thoughts and self-destructive behaviors that hold you back from what you want to achieve.

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Do you feel trapped in the gap..

between where you are
and where you want to be?

I will show you how to create the future you desperately desire.


Find an inner strength you never knew you had.

Melissa Hull's portrait

I’m a mother who lost a child, a healer with an obsession for the things that bring true joy, and a multi-faceted businesswoman. It’s my divine calling to pass on the tools I’ve learned so that others can become the conscious creators of their life stories and live fully alive!

I hope you know that YOU were a BIG reason I stayed in the competition until the very end. I love everything that you represent. You are classy, humble and a quiet voice to be reckoned with. I follow all of your blogs and watch and read your content because I always learned something from you. Women deserve a second chance at life in business, love, dreams, and more. YOU keep that dream alive for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Teresa Snider

Teresa Snider

Sometimes we need a person that has been in the pain we find ourselves in today, to be the lighthouse of what is possible while we are in the midst of our storm, to show us that life can still be fulfilling and meaningful. Melissa Hull has been that person for me.

Jennifer Dyer Jenkins

Jennifer Dyer Jenkins

Melissa Hull Gallemore, a powerhouse of a woman, who has a gigantic heart, and just wants to help as many people as she can. It shows in everything she does. We got to learn from her over the last six months, and we so enjoyed getting to connect again in person. Feel like I’ve not only gained a new mentor, but also a friend. She tells it like it is always with integrity, honesty, and 100% heart.
I look forward to learning more from you in the future, Melissa!
Kiesling Family

Kiesling Family

Melissa Hull is so clear about what remains after the loss of a loved one. She opens her heart and speaks with love and compassion to all that are ready to find their way through the pain and discover their possibilities. She does so unapologetically, reminding us all that we have the power to choose a life of joy even when it seems impossible to us
Sylvia High

Sylvia High

Melissa has opened my eyes to so many of my own limitations and dared me to break free.
Michelle Wingle

Michelle Wingle

I can show you how to create…

An empowered life by your design.

For so long, I tried to survive grief, overcome rejection, and run from failure. But I learned that regardless of whatever comes your way, you can live with resiliency and peace.

You’re not here to take up space,

You were designed for a purpose.

You were designed
for a purpose

Give yourself permission to be the author of your story

Live unapologetically in your worth

Melissa Hull inspires audiences to

Discover what makes them come alive.

As a Transformation Coach, she teaches people how to take control of the thoughts they allow in their minds, and reprogram fear, negativity, and the need for approval from others. Breakthrough happens when you align with new awareness and beliefs.


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Are you ready to discover..

what you are truly capable of?