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Hi, I'm melissa

I take a different approach to business. Rather than separating business and life, I believe in using the power of your personal story to help guide you toward your professional purpose. Why? That’s my story.

After struggling through the worst days of my life, the act of sharing my personal message became the catalyst I needed to heal from the inside out — and then begin to help others do the same.

I’m no guru. I’m just a person who’s walked through it. And now I’m here to hold your hand through it, too. Together, we can identify the message you’re born to champion and tap into the audience who’s dying to hear it.

It’s time to finally reach millions with your message.

"I'm passionate about using my own story to make a difference on a global scale"




Reach people across the entire world, in a way that is impactful and relevant to your target audience.


Position yourself as the ultimate authority. No matter was your industry, your audience should believe in you and your expertise.


Get your brand your message out to the right audience. As you gain exposure you'll gain even more traction, following, and relevance.