Want to be a television host? Here are a few things you should know!

Television hosts appear on a wide variety of different media outlets. They are necessary for television game shows, shopping channels, interview shows, news outlets, and many more facets that are too numerous to list. Most places require the job applicant to hold a relevant bachelor’s degree and usually lean towards the applicant with the most experience. This experience can sometimes be something completely unrelated. Some networks tend to lean towards celebrities such as singers or actors to bring in as a new television host.

Television hosts are responsible for many duties on set. As the main personality of the show, it is their role to lead interesting dialogues, introduce guest or other co-hosts, make public service announcements, outreach community events, and give a recap of the show at the end of the broadcast.

The host should take special consideration when introducing other hosts, co-hosts, professional experts, as well as celebrities and politicians. In a sense, doing so will best represent themselves, the guest, and the network. Many hosts set aside time to prepare their material well in advance and practice the material alone to present their best face. They make the time to do this in spite of very strict demands and deadlines. 

The duties of a television host may even extend off the screen. Many stations require the host to do behind the scenes production work such as running the control panel or editing previously shot footage and cataloging it. Other responsibilities may even include personal appearances at community outreach events such as fundraisers or even a town fair. Typical public events may include charity fundraisers or networking to sell advertisements on the show.

As previously mentioned, a healthy mix of experience and education are absolutely vital to land a job as a TV host, which can make the work of hosting rather cutthroat and competitive. This means that you need to take as many courses and gain as much experience as you can. Tip: take all the courses your school allows. Be sure to have classes in Video Editing, English Comp, Media Ethics, Reporting, and even Media Law. 

The more things you’re educated in, the more likely you are to land the position you are dying for. It is also helpful to take advantage of any internships or campus activities that would give you relevant experience. Work for the school paper or be a reporter for the campus news network. Any experience you can gain while you are in school will considerably help set you apart from other candidates once you enter the Dog Eat Dog Workforce. It may even be wise for you to continue your education into a program that offers a masters or even a Ph.D. Take advantage of anything and everything that will give you an edge over your fellow applicants.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind as you consider moving into the world of TV hosting. Give yourself the best chance at success!

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