What’s Abundance Mindset, Really?

After all this talk, you’re probably wondering: What’s an abundance mindset, really? Look no further. I’m breaking it down for you the way no one else can.

By now, you’re probably hearing about abundance everywhere you turn. Your coach is talking about it. Instagram is hashtagging it. And every guru on the internet is teaching it. But what is abundance, really? 

And, more importantly, what is not? Since there seems to be so much talk of abundance — without much explanation about how to achieve it — let’s start by sorting out what abundance is not. 

Abundance Is Not … 

First and foremost, abundance is not about money. Thinking about abundance only in terms of how much money it can bring you is exactly where most people go wrong. Why? They’re missing the whole point. 

In fact, true abundance affects so much more than your money that a money-only mindset will take you out of the flow of abundance. Because you can’t be in the flow of abundance and think like a Scrooge at the same time. It’s one or the other, my friend. 

And abundance is not something you do in a bubble, either. In order to experience a true abundance of anything, you must actively participate in both giving and receiving. You can’t just expect to receive and receive and receive. You are expected to give back, in order to receive more. Therefore, you must learn to give to others, if you want to receive in abundance. 

Lastly, abundance is not fixed. It fluctuates and changes each day with each person. That means it’s not about a specific number or amount of something. It’s not a goal or an endgame. It’s not even a destination. It’s a flow that’s as alive as we are. 

And because of that, it also requires conscious, consistent attention — like tending to a seed that you hope will bear fruit one day. 

Let’s Review

Abundance is not … 

  • just about the money.
  • receiving without giving. 
  • all about you.
  • a set amount of money or things.
  • finished once you reach a certain amount. 
  • the same for everyone. 
  • something you can have without putting in the work.

Abundance Is … 

In its most basic definition, abundance is an energy that you can live in flow with to receive the largest amount of what you desire, from wealth to love to joy. So if your life is lacking in any area you desire, developing an abundant mindset can help you create more of what you want. That’s why it’s such an important state to cultivate — no matter what you’re looking for. 

However, abundance is more than just a mindset. In order to harness its full power, you must take it past simple thought. In action, abundance is a cause-and-effect relationship that starts with a single thought and ends in riches — the richness of your spirit, health, relationships, finances, and civic awareness. It’s the alignment of your thoughts, actions, and ways of being and presenting in the world that creates a positive flow between giving and receiving. And when you reach that flow, abundance can make you truly happy and free. 

At the end of the day, living in flow with abundance is the result of a total life transformation, and money is just one part of that. When you use abundance as a way of being, your way of living changes for the better.

Let’s Review

Abundance is … 

  • energy in constant flow. 
  • a richness of all aspects of life, from money to joy. 
  • a state of being that begins in the mind. 
  • the alignment of thoughts, behaviors, actions, and ways of being. 
  • a balance of giving and receiving. 
  • the result of a total life transformation. 


The Relationship Between Abundance & Money 

Now that we have a firm understanding of abundance, as well as a better understanding of how to create it, my guess is you’re still looking for ways to bring abundance to your financial life. And that’s going to require getting to know money a little better, as well. So let’s dive in. 

Think back to elementary school science class for a second. Remember learning that all things in this world — living and nonliving — are made up of energy? Like abundance, money is an energy, a powerful one that can bring freedom, flexibility and stability to your life. Because money is an energy, it also loves flow and motion. It wants to multiply and grow, and it hates being stagnant or without purpose. So the more you can put your money in flow, the more it flows to you. 

I’ve also found that money loves creativity. It’s attracted to creative solutions, creative projects and creative endeavors, especially when that creativity serves others. If money is tight, for example, it doesn’t serve you to cut out all the fun when you cut your budget. 

For example, in my house, when it’s time to cook at home to save money, we approach a half-empty kitchen as a creative challenge. We poke through the cupboards and hunt around in the fridge. We take what we already have and get creative. More often than not, what starts as a problematic dinner ends as a new family favorite. That’s what money wants to see you do — not gripe about another night of pasta. 

For most of us, money represents the idea that we can have it all. But in reality, money is only part of that equation — and abundance is the rest. It’s an invitation to expand and enrich your life by meditating on the idea that all things are possible. If you believe your success is unlimited, just as your abundance is unlimited, then the world will suddenly become full of solutions, opportunities, and win-wins. And, along with the money, freedom will come, too. 

How Do You Attract Abundance? 

There are many writing prompts, tools, and actions you can use to open yourself up to the energy of abundance. And there are steps you can take to attract more abundance to specific areas of your life. In due time, we’ll be covering those topics as we continue to talk more about abundance on the blog. But before you can dive into those techniques, you have to lay the foundation, which is absolutely necessary to reap the benefits of an abundant life.

Abundance starts as a thought — that is its very foundation, so that’s where we’ll start. In thought form, abundance can look like a blindly positive mindset. It’s looking at your half-empty kitchen and seeing a creative challenge instead of impending doom. It’s telling yourself, day in and day out, that you are going to make it. It’s picturing the riches you’re attracting until they begin to materialize. 

Abundance is a way of thinking until it becomes a way of believing. And once you begin to claim that thought as your own, the change will materialize right in front of you. Just when you least expect it, it shows up as tangible proof that your thoughts can, in fact, create your reality.

So begin attracting abundance by thinking that you can. Start there, and see where it takes you. 

What’s Blocking My Abundance? 

Most of us have abundance-blocking mindsets and habits that are currently keeping us from reaching our richest potential. If you want to check to see if you have any abundance blocks, simply ask yourself the question: Am I where I want to be in every area of my life? 

My guess is, like most people, your answer is no. Consequently, you may want to reflect on the various thoughts, beliefs, and actions that make your inner world seem less than friendly to money and abundant energy. While we’ll cover this more deeply in future blogs, here are a few places to start. 

Common Abundance Blocks

  • Scarcity Mindset: “There’s never enough.” 
  • Money Hoarding: “I don’t trust that more will come.” 
  • Cutting Corners: “I need to save everywhere I can.” 
  • Greed: “I need to protect myself because the universe won’t.”
  • Money Distrust: “To be rich, you must be evil.”

Where Do I Start? 

After all that information about money and abundance, you’re probably wondering where to start. So start by laying your foundation. For now, simply focus on abundant thoughts. Take note of where your thoughts quickly become scarce or greedy. Reflect on why and how you came to those beliefs. And if all else fails, just remind yourself that the universe is an abundant place — if you just let it be.