Travel shows are enormously popular, with more programs in development all the time which are dedicated to travel and culture in different parts of the world, often with a slightly different twist to the show. The position of a travel show presenter is highly sought after, and it’s really not that difficult to see why.

Travel show hosts get to journey to exotic locations and experience unique cultural expressions that one cannot have at home. They meet interesting and amazing people all the time and are able to experience the world from a perspective shared by only a lucky few. And the best part of all is they get paid to do all of this! So, how does one go about becoming a travel show host?

Well, as with anything worth doing, by investing a great deal of time and effort! While there really aren’t any qualifications necessary for the job, beyond a joyful and vibrant love for life, let’s be honest. This is a position that affords travel, unique experiences, and the chance to be on TV. Any job with that kind of description is going to be hotly contested. This means you will want as many advantages for yourself as you can possibly manage to acquire.

For starters, practice your communication skills. Although it may not seem obvious on the surface, travel show presenters are all excellent communicators. They need to be able to converse with people from various cultures around the world and share the things they discover with their television audience in a way that is clear and entertaining. The more practice you have with public speaking and presentation, the easier it will become for you to put yourself in unfamiliar situations doing this now-familiar job.

Another key way to break into the field is creating and marketing your own promotional showreel. This is a short video, usually no more than five minutes in length, which showcases the way you come across on camera for producers. There is no need to worry about making this video look completely professional or use exotic locations, as these things would be handled by the production team. The key is to make your video entertaining and to come across as vibrant and energetic. Make sure you come up with some kind of hook to help you to stand out – remember that producers are going to see thousands of tapes from hopefuls. You need to make sure your reel isn’t as forgettable as all the rest!

When submitting a showreel, make sure to include a professional headshot and a cover letter detailing your relevant experience, as well as giving your contact information. Once you have submitted your reel, continue honing your talents in front of the camera – you never know, if you keep working at your presentation and communication skills, you just might be on your way to becoming the next famous television travel show host!


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