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Do your relationships need a little TLC? Here’s the unexpected starting point of an iconic relationship. 


The origins of every iconic relationship will always be rooted in your relationship to yourself

That’s why the first iconic relationship you need to create is with you

Here’s how. 

Start Building An Iconic Relationship With Yourself 

The relationship you develop with yourself is iconic because it’s the foundation of who you are, how you show up in this world, and how you form your relationships with others. 

It includes the deeper stories you tell yourself about who you are, as well as an understanding of what you need in order to create an environment of emotional safety. 

This powerful relationship asks you to be a good listener to yourself, to connect to your heart, and to lead from a place of love and compassion. 

That also means you’ll become more aware of your blindspots. You’ll start to recognize those areas where there’s room to grow, and you’ll begin showing yourself the support you need to finally prioritize that growth. 

Creating an iconic relationship with yourself means showing yourself grace while you process whatever challenge is in front of you. 

Why It Starts Within

One of the most profound changes you’ll experience as you embrace your inner icon is that you’re no longer willing to live hidden, or to hide behind a facade. 

You become more of who you want to be – and there’s no reason to hide that

In fact, you become even more open to feedback and observations from others. Why? 

You’re no longer seeking their validation. 

Their opinion of you won’t deter how you feel about you. 

Instead, you can listen to the concerns of others with compassion and empathy. You can modify your approach to reach a compromise and create harmony in any relationship you wish.

But here’s the most important thing to remember: 

Iconic relationships are always about being able to be you

If you can hold space for the other person to be authentically them, then in a reciprocal relationship, the other person will hold space for you to be authentically you, too. 

4 Key Components Of Iconic Relationships

Whether you’re building an iconic relationship with yourself or others, here are five key components to get started with confidence and compassion.

1. Trust 

Trusting yourself can be the hardest place to start – so start with little daily promises. Build up from there, until you’re consistently showing up for yourself. 

When it comes to relationships with others, trust is essential. If both people bring their inner icons to the relationship, then they are showing each other the same compassion and acceptance they expect of themselves. 

This requires a lot of trust because, oftentimes, we have experiences that say we should be more guarded, less open. But if we can’t be open, and if we can’t let our guard down, then we can’t enjoy real intimacy, either. 

Yes, vulnerability can be scary, but it can also be a beautiful strength and wonderful experience. With trust, it all becomes possible.

2. Possibility  

One of the most beautiful elements of an iconic relationship is this natural ability to see the possibilities. You’ll look for the good in people and expect the best from situations. 

Instead of looking into situations to pinpoint problems, you’ll find yourself looking forward to even challenging situations as opportunities. 

For me, there was an incredible side effect: I could start to see where my unique experiences and gifts could make a difference in this world. The possibilities opened up in my mind, and I instantly saw how they could help others.

3. Validation 

Once you begin to see the possibilities you have to offer this world, it’s almost impossible not to start validating your own strengths. You’ll begin to own who you are with confidence, as you share your beautiful gifts.

And you know what? When we feel confident, when we believe in ourselves, when we validate ourselves – then we become powerful

That kind of inner validation, coupled with a relationship with God, that is where we can bring Heaven to Earth.

4. Spirituality 

When we partner with God, when we’re sure of who we are, when we’re working in partnership with God’s purpose for our life, then we can become icons in our families, our workplaces, our creative endeavors, and even at the grocery store. 

A relationship with God – or whatever spiritual power you believe in – helps us all function at the highest level of love and compassion. That’s how you can show up and create the type of change that everyone and everything around you benefits from. 

Why Do YOU Want An Iconic Relationship? 

When I realized the kind of space I could create for myself and hold for others, that made me realize I wanted to be iconic

I wanted to show up as my most authentic and compassionate self.

Today, that means I choose to live my life by design and not by default. 

I create my relationships by design and not by default. 

We are all just one decision, one thought, or one action away from changing our lives. 

You have the power to transform your relationship with yourself and others. 

It’s a commitment and a decision you make every single day. 

And it’s absolutely worth it. 

Wake up. Love yourself. Like yourself. Then go out and be your best you. 

Ready To Take Action?

I’ve been working on this practice for over 20 years, and I’ve learned quite a few tools, techniques and mindsets along the way. 

I share all my best strategies for navigating life’s toughest moments inside of my membership community. You can even find a video course on this exact topic that includes everything you need for self-discovery and empowered action. 

All you have to do is show up for the journey.

Join me.

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