The Power of Creative Anger To Heal

Transforming Flames

Anger, often depicted as a fiery emotion, can indeed burn within us. But rather than letting it consume us, we can harness its energy for creative purposes. Here’s how:

  1. Energizing Fuel: Anger is an energizing feeling. It provides the sustained attention needed to tackle problems creatively. When channeled effectively, it becomes a driving force for action and change 1.
  2. Flexible Thinking: Anger leads to unstructured, flexible thought processes. It allows us to jump between semantic categories, making novel connections. This mental agility is essential for creativity.

The sage, as described by Reverend Kevin Kitrell Ross and Reverend Eric Ovid Donaldson, in their book Breathing Space doesn’t suppress anger. Instead, she channels it wisely. 

 “ Whether it be a burning inferno or a smoldering ember, anger is the defensive emotional mechanism that bites, burns, snaps, devours, and wards against any perceived offense, or injustice, aimed at the soft sensitive spaces of our soul.”  

When I read this passage my entire soul leapt forward into the truth of their words.  They go on to say  “ What is lesser known about anger, is that it is a creative force and holds tremendous power for good. In its unharnessed, untrained, and underdeveloped form, it is toxic, counterproductive, and destructive. Whether it is passive grudge-holding or aggressive hate speech, anger must be guided by a Higher Power to produce peace.  When anger is used as fuel to fight injustice, save the environment, or power of movement, the energy used to transmute it from a low or toxic frequency to a higher constructive frequency creates peace in the soul and healing on the planet. It’s not that the sage doesn’t get angry, she just never lets her anger get the best of her.“  


I must have read and re-read this passage ten times, each time realizing the power of this passage.  In my journey of healing, I have had periods of anger that I knew weren’t wrong but I lacked the knowledge to harness its creative power.  

For many years I was mad. I was mad at God, mad at my husband, mad at the betrayal of people I thought were my friends, and mad at myself.  The hurt I carried was enormous, and so was my anger.  In my attempts to rid myself of it, I used it to punish myself or anyone I perceived was the cause of it.  I had no mastery of my emotions when I began my journey of healing and I wish I had this knowledge years ago. It would’ve helped me understand what I was feeling, and not judge myself so harshly for how I felt, it would’ve also sparked within me a curiosity, much like it did upon reading it, to take my anger from this lowest form of animosity and self-hatred and channel it into its highest form of peace and self-acceptance. 

My greatest desire for years was to simply not hurt all the time. I longed to be free from the emotional pain I felt.  I’ve always wanted inner peace, but the storm and darkness inside my heart were fierce and raging inside of me.  And all I wanted was for it to stop.  I was desperately trying to get out of the way of the next crashing wave, never knowing when it would knock me down, or for how long, so that I could catch my breath long enough to safely make it to the shore.

When I think back to this time in my life, I do so with empathy for who I was back then. A shattered shell of a woman, just trying to make it through another day…

I know It’s no small task to take anger in its lowest forms of grudge-holding and self-hatred and elevate it to its highest forms of peace, self-acceptance, and love.  I have found a way to be at peace with God, my past, and myself.   It didn’t happen overnight but I was able to create a caring relationship with my ex-husband, and find a way to forge a path of peace between us. He also deserves credit for the peace between us.  Today we are friends. Together we have created harmony and peace in our family.  I am immensely proud of our decision to leave the grievances and anger of the past behind us. The journey wasn’t easy, we had hard moments to work through, but we never gave up. 

We all have hurts, and we all feel anger at times but without the knowledge and awareness of creative anger, we are trapped in the cycle of an eye for an eye and revenge at any price with horrible outcomes for ourselves and those closest to us.

Here’s what’s important to remember the next time you are angry,  understand that you have a choice and how you will use this anger.  You can stay in its lowest destructive form or you can transmute it into its highest form.  Even if you have doubts about using your anger to find a creative and peaceful outcome it’s worth trying. Try and try until you find the pathway to peace.  You will reap benefits that you cannot fathom today but I promise you, you will benefit from, we all will. I believe that as I heal, so does the world.  

Here are some useful and practical ways to harness anger in its highest form:

As you navigate moments of anger—whether from betrayal, gaslighting, or injustice—remember that anger need not imprison you. Instead, let it fuel your creativity. Write, express, and transform. Your words can be a beacon of change.

So, embrace your anger as a creative force. Let it blaze a trail toward healing, understanding, and positive action. Your voice matters, and your anger can be a catalyst for positive transformation.

My hope in sharing this with you is to inspire you to explore the nuances of the anger you feel from your personal experiences and delve into how anger can shape a creative path in your life. Remember, there’s no one right way—just the authentic expression of your truth.

May your anger ignite your creativity and light the way toward a more peaceful life and compassionate world.