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Let’s start at the very beginning. Here’s the first step to creating a life of radical transformation and, ultimately, self-acceptance. 

Our beliefs are at the core of everything we think, feel and do. 

They are the lens through which we see ourselves, others and the world. 

They shape everything in our lives. 

But here’s the problem: 

All too often we would rather be right about a wrong belief than be wrong and learn to accept a right belief. And that’s exactly why we stay stuck in a life we don’t actually want for ourselves. 

So if you’re ready for radical transformation, then a conversation about beliefs is the most powerful place to start. 

Radical Transformation Begins With Your Beliefs

True and lasting transformation begins by getting clear about what you believe and how your beliefs are influencing your thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Which beliefs help expand you, and which beliefs trigger you? 

With each belief, ask yourself: Does this belief align with the feeling I have in my heart and the future I want to create for myself? 

Then make a decision to see where your beliefs are taking you.

To help support you along the way, here’s my process for understanding why we believe what we do, learning to see our beliefs more clearly, and finally allowing our heart to lead the way. 

What Are Beliefs? 

Beliefs are the things we see as true about ourselves, others and the world we live in. 

Our Core Beliefs form the foundation of who we are. These beliefs are where all of our thoughts, feelings and actions stem from. And they’re also the starting point of any major transformation. 

These core beliefs can be accessed by answering three key questions: 

  1. Who do you believe you are?
  2. Who do others believe you are? 
  3. Who does God believe you are?

Where Do Beliefs Come From?

Our beliefs typically come from one of two places: 

  1. The Cultural Self – the person our mind tells us we need to be to receive love and acceptance, or 
  2. The Authentic Self – the person our heart tells us we are divinely created to become

The Cultural Self

When we’re asked what we believe in, it’s typically our mind that answers first. We instantly go into our thinking mind before we even give ourselves the chance to tap into our heart’s wisdom. 

But sometimes, the things we’ve been taught to believe about ourselves aren’t actually true. 

Instead, these beliefs come from other people’s opinions, our major life experiences, and difficult things that happen to us. 

These are the outside influences that make up our Cultural Self, and they can include: our heritage, how our parents raised us, what made us feel accepted, where we grew up, what church we went to, where we went to school, and so much more. 

If you take on what other people believe, then those are the cultural beliefs that begin to shape your opinions of yourself, too. 

The Authentic Self

The Authentic Self is our divine self. It’s how God would see us. It says things like: I am worthy, I am loved, I am whole. 

And the voice of the Authentic Self speaks from the heart. Why? The heart is where we connect with those divine truths. 

Even if we were told terrible things – I am unwanted, I am stupid, I am not enough – the heart will always know the truth. 

We can either choose our beliefs with our minds, or we can take the time to dig deep and ask ourselves: What does my heart tell me is true? 

By following your heart, you’ll find your way to your Authentic Self. 

The Secret To Empowering Beliefs

Many of us spend our entire lives letting our Cultural Self form and shape our beliefs, without ever asking what our Authentic Self might believe. 

But in my experience, that’s no way to live. 

If you want to stop following your mind and start following your heart, there was one key realization that unlocked unlimited potential within me. 

Not everything we believe is true. 

Once you realize that, you can begin to approach your beliefs through that lens. Is this belief true? Or was I just conditioned to believe it was true? 

At some point, we have to decide for ourselves what we truly believe in.

Learning To Feel The Difference 

Understanding the difference between beliefs that come from the mind and the heart can be harder than expected.

After a lifetime of living according to one set of beliefs, seeing our beliefs for what they really are can be hard, confusing and scary. 

Here’s the key: Beliefs either expand us or block us. They either keep us in alignment with our higher Authentic Self, or they knock us out of alignment and into our conditioned Cultural Self. They’re either false opinions from outside of us … or the voice of wisdom within us.

And you can feel the difference.

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