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Feeling creatively tapped out? Tap back in with the kind of magic that can change the world: divine creativity. 


Oftentimes we think creativity comes from an idea of the mind. But I feel that there’s another type of creativity: a divine one. 

This type of creativity comes from the inspiration of the heart. That’s where the divine lives within us. That’s where God’s presence resides in our being. 

And when you’re co-creating with God, you can feel it. You lose track of time. You never get tired of it. Obstacles start to disappear. And your creativity will find a way

Because your inspiration feels unlimited. 

Sometimes people will refer to this as channeling or receiving a download – because it comes through them. 

What I think people need to recognize is: You just co-created with the divine, the ultimate creator

How To Tap Into Your Divine Creativity

If you haven’t felt the invigorating rush of divine creativity in a while – or ever – then I have a great way to tap in. This easy exercise can help you figure out what you have a creative passion for. It starts by asking yourself a series of targeted questions. These ones really helped me start to feel the inspiration take root in my heart

1. Making A Difference

When you think back to childhood, where is it that you felt like you made a difference? Did you sell the most cookies in a bake sale? Did you find joy in a community service project? Did you honor someone through artwork? Did you bring awareness to a cause through writing? 

Look at all the ways you felt like you contributed something in a way that filled you up instead of draining you. 

2. Finding Joy

Now age that up to your teenage years, and your young adult years. What themes do you see? Maybe you haven’t considered it to be a passion or a creative project before. But it keeps showing up anyway. What have you decided to become a part of? What have you started? What did you bring to life, guiding it from an idea to a reality? What brought you the most joy? When did you feel the most free? 

3. Do It Naturally 

Now I want you to focus on today. What comes naturally to you? Do you spontaneously break into song? Are you a doodler? Do you randomly feel inspired to write a poem when your feelings are strong? How are you already creating, without considering it creation? Some people love to garden, and then create healthy food with what they grow. Other people might thrive in a business setting while they’re innovating, redesigning and reconfiguring things. When you think about it in those terms, what stands out about yourself? 

4. Narrow It Down  

Now, begin to really narrow down those moments that have meant the most to you. When your actions have a benefit, for you or for others, that is an indication you’re co-creating with God. 

So focus on that feeling as your guide. Then start honing in on the creative project you want to dedicate yourself to first. 

And leave the rest up to your heart

Ready To Tap Into Your Divine Creativity? 

If you want to share your creative idea with me, I’d love to hear it! Please share in the comments!

And if you feel like you need some additional support to really understand what you’re passionate about, I have tools for you. I’ve spent years finding, testing, and practicing them. And I’ve created something I’m very proud to share with you. 

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