In today's world we are bombarded with media.  It seems that we endlessly click-through low value content without even thinking about what it is that we're watching. People don’t want to just watch content anymore they want to have their curiosity piqued! What they are seeking is a mix of research, reporting, inspiration, insight, personality and humanity blended together in a unique signature way.

To sum it up, you need to deliver high-value information, with advanced quality production, clear messaging with a twist of a action packed blockbuster to grab the attention of the global consumer and viewing audience. To find this right balance can be difficult for even the most seasoned professionals and can leave most brand owners feeling overwhelmed, intimidated, and unsure of what to do next.

This is why I created the 3-M formula! In this online course we will be covering how to master your message, conquer your marketing, and skyrocket your monetization. Upon completion you will not only stand out from your competitors, but have the clarity you need to deliver high value content to ultimately build your global audience!

"Share your message, master your marketing, monetize your business, AND make an impact in the world."

-Melissa Hull

Melissa may have written the best business workbook for conscious business minds. If you want to live your dream, follow Melissa.

Anthony Morales, Author of  

If I Could Tell Her’

Global Media Co. understands that we need to invest in tools and resources to succeed without the hefty price tag. 

Sharnette Katherine-Keith, VP of Fifth Third Bank

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Allen J. Bryson, Program Director, UIC, Author of The Ministry of Motivation