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I hope 2022 is filled with exciting surprises, “failures” that become lessons, big romance, and more joy than I knew possible. What do you hope for in 2022? 


As I look at where I am at the end of 2021, I have so many things I’m truly grateful for, and some things I’m still healing from, but my sense of hope and optimism couldn’t be more alive than it is right now. 

I’m looking forward to continuing in businesses that are doing well, and I’m looking forward to staying involved in my children’s lives. But I’m also ready to … open up my heart and explore relationships. 

For me, 2022 is about finding love again

I feel ready because I’ve taken the time I needed to process and heal – but also to really learn to love myself, to feel fulfilled in my own company.  

I’m coming to my next relationship as a whole person who knows who I am, what my values and standards are, and what my non-negotiables are, too. 

But I’m also very clear on what it is I want to create with someone in a complementary way. I will never complete another person, nor will I ever ask another person to complete me. But I will ask for creative, fun, romantic, passionate, dedicated, committed and honest. 

I guess I want it all. I really do. 

In fact, I’m shooting for phenomenal this time around.  

I fully recognize that I’m probably going to freak out a time or two – because it will get scary and uncomfortable. But I would rather step back up to bat and strike out than sit on the bench for the rest of my life. 

Plus my discernment is at an all-time high. I don’t fall prey to flattery. I’m looking for the person who’s truly genuine, the person who’s different. 

Because I’m different. 

How I show up during this time in my life is totally different. And I’m looking forward to seeing where that goes. 

That’s the kind of energy I want to take into 2022, and that’s what I’m focusing on because, you know, I’ve just never been a resolutions girl. It’s never been my thing. 

In fact, this year I think we should embrace the failure of trying and trying again. There’s honor in the trying. There’s honor in the getting it wrong and still trying it again. 

Because you just keep learning more about yourself and what you’re made of. 

And all that learning culminates in the support you need to actually reach your goals. 

That’s what I’m working toward. That’s what I’m focusing on. 

And you know what? 

I’m more excited than ever to see what it is I don’t know is waiting around the corner for me. I’m excited to not know exactly what’s coming because I love the process that’s unfolding within me. 

I’m the princess of figuring it out

But I didn’t always used to be this way. Forever I lived with the fear of waiting for the other shoe to drop. If anything happened to me, I was sure it would be bad. I lived by Murphy’s Law – anything that can go wrong will go wrong. 

But I did the work to change my mind and my heart, and I don’t live that way anymore. 

Sure, Murphy might show up from time to time. But I know I’m going to learn and figure things out. I know how to master a situation so I’m still holding my power. I’m affecting the situation; the situation isn’t affecting me. 

That’s the difference – no matter what comes now. 

And that’s really what I’m grateful for. 

I’m finally at this place where I know, no matter what comes my way, I’m going to be well and do well. It won’t rock me to my core like it might have years ago. 

I’m solid. I’m on solid ground for the first time. 

And I’m finally open to and ready for Mr. Phenomenal to stand next to me. 

What are you hoping for in 2022? Tell me in the comments below!