My Evening Routine For Rest + Rejuvenation

Is your morning routine not working? Are you an entrepreneur who’s focused on achieving peak performance every day? Then DON’T skip the evening routine! 

In the entrepreneurial circles, there’s a lot of focus on morning routines that help you start your day with intention and reach peak performance on a regular basis. Well, morning routines have been in the spotlight for good reason. They work. But there’s one piece to a morning routine that many people miss – and it could be the reason your morning routines aren’t sticking! 

If you have a powerful morning routine, or are working on developing one, then you definitely need an evening routine, too!  So let’s dive into evening routines, and more importantly, how they can set you up for success on a daily basis. 

My Evening Routine For Rest + Rejuvenation

Just like I have a morning routine to set me up for peak performance, I also have an evening routine to help me wind down, rejuvenate and get ready for another day of high-vibe leadership. Preparing for the next day really requires as much attention as we give our morning routines. Without a steady evening routine, I tend to fall out of my morning routines because I’m not well rested or mentally prepared for what’s next. 

An evening routine allows me to reflect on what transpired during the day and move forward with a clean slate and try again tomorrow. So let’s talk evening routines! 

1. Get Moving. 

As soon as I’m done with work for the day, I make a point of doing some kind of physical activity. It’s so important to move your body on a daily basis, for both physical and mental health reasons. 

The natural rush of positive chemicals and hormones in your body helps release and push out any stress hormones you may have built up throughout the day. An evening workout can act like a reset button on a stressful day. It also gives you a break between work and home, giving you the chance to reflect on your work day and switch gears to family focus before you actually walk in the door. 

2. Unplug With Family. 

Once I get home, I like to start unplugging from stressors and demands of the day. That means putting my phone out of earshot, turning it on silent or asking the whole family to put phones away. 

At this point, I try to just be present in the moment as I spend some time with my family and get dinner started. Enjoying a meal together is one of my favorite ways to spend real, unplugged time with the people I love most. It allows me to shift my focus from “achieving” to just “being.” 

3. Read Some More.

As the evening winds down, I might read if there’s time. But the important thing is to let myself relax without my phone or other technology around me. It’s easy to get caught up in chores or cleaning or TV, but if I can steal even 15 minutes to do something I like to do, it makes me feel like I got more out of my day and evening. 

4. Set Up My Bedside Table. 

As I prepare for another day, I like to set myself up for success during tomorrow’s morning routine. For me, that means setting a gallon-sized jug of water next to my bed, along with a book and/or journal. Sometimes I drink water before bed or even in the middle of the night, so I always pour more than I’ll need for tomorrow’s 8 ounces. 

It’s little steps like these that help me feel prepared for another day of peak performance when I finally hit the pillow. 

5. Meditate & Pray. 

The last thing I do is end my day with meditation and prayer. Whether I’m reflecting on a busy day or practicing gratitude for another day of life and love, I always like to end my day with a focus on faith.