I have something special to share with you if you are grieving any kind of loss right now…

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Hi, I’m Melissa Hull.

If you’re grieving a loss right now, any loss … I want you to know that I know. I’ve been there.

It was a regular, old, boring day, when I fell asleep on the bed. When I woke up and couldn’t find my son Drew, I wasn't all that nervous.

But nothing — Nothing — could have prepared me for the cold, hard information we’d receive later that day.

Drew had died. He’d fallen into an irrigation canal and drowned.

And I? I was completely and utterly broken.


The loss of a friend

Death of a partner

Loss of a classmate / colleague

Serious illness of a loved one

Relationship breakup

Losing a family member

Leaving home

Illness or loss of health

Death of a pet

Losing a job

Moving to a new home

Loss of physical ability

Loss of financial security

That’s whyI've created

The Art Of Healing Community

So that you don’t have to be alone.

The ART of Healing is a place for women to come and start the journey towards healing. 


Feel like you are "going crazy"

Are Having difficulty concentrating

Feel sad or depressed

Are irritable or angry (at the deceased, oneself, others, higher powers)

Feel frustrated or misunderstood

Experience anxiety, nervousness, or fearfulness

Feel like you want to "escape"

Experience guilt or remorse

Feel ambivalent

Feel numb

Lack energy and motivation

… Then the ART of Healing is a place where you can start finding answers to the tough emotions that comes with loss


Two hours of LIVE Coaching Conversations Every Month on the healing, meditation, and self-care practices you need to go on living again…

Calls are recorded so you can access them whenever you need to

On-The-Spot coaching from a woman who’s been where you are now

Community support and encouragement through our members-only Facebook page


IMMEDIATELY upon enrollment you get access to the ART of Healing Self-study program which will give you practical exercises you can implement TODAY to start your journey of healing...

Sometimes we need a person that has been in the pain we find ourselves in today, to be the lighthouse of what is possible while we are in the midst of our storm, to show us that life can still be fulfilling and meaningful. Melissa Hull has been that person for me
Jennifer Dyer Jenkins

Melissa’s ART of healing community has been a beautiful place for me to come and be inspired and encouraged as I continue to move forward in life.
Ashley Garcia
Thanks to Melissa I am learning to grow through my loss. She shares the things she found useful as she went on her own healing journey and it gives me hope that I will get through mine.
Brandy Hook

Melissa opens her heart and speaks with love and compassion to all that are ready to find their way through the pain and discover their possibilities. She does so unapologetically, reminding us all that we have the power to choose a life of joy even when it seems impossible to us. 
Silvia Higha
Melissa Hull lives as an example to us all that loss does not have to get in the way of living.
Kevin Kitrell Ross

Inside you’ll learn how to...

Be ok with losing control of your emotions

Release fear and anxiety after a loss

Handle shifting friendships and relationships

Use alternative healing modalities that will help you move forward

Transition from suffering to being at peace with the pain

Design your daily schedule to support your healing

Disclaimer: This work does not replace traditional therapy. If you’re feeling despair or depression, please consult a licensed professional

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