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Are you ready for my biggest transformation secret? Life happens for you not to you. Here’s why I know this is true: 

One of my biggest transformations started with a simple realization. Bad things can happen to good people – but good things can also come from bad circumstances.  

And you shape the results. 

Now, I realize I can’t control every aspect of my life. But I do have control over my reactions and responses. 

By choosing how I respond to my circumstances, I have the ability to happen to my life, instead of passively allowing my life to happen to me. 

It comes down to this: I may not control certain life circumstances, but I can control their outcomes – with my choices, beliefs and attitudes. 

This approach has given me the ability to redesign, recreate and re-engage with my life in a way that makes me feel spiritually and emotionally free. 

Today, I know that whatever comes my way, I have the inner resources, mindsets and abilities to transform my circumstances, instead of letting them take hold of me.

And I want to share that with you, too. 

That’s why I’m creating a one-of-a-kind program for powerful self-discovery and the empowered life that results from it. 

My Mission Statement 

I believe the MEANING we assign to our CIRCUMSTANCES will either TRIGGER or EXPAND the quality of our THOUGHTS, and it is the quality of these thoughts that will influence the FEELINGS we have, which will either generate an EMPOWERED or DISEMPOWERED ACTION that governs the RESULTS we have in life.

Disempowerment → Empowerment 

In my experience, this path is the fastest way to get from disempowered to empowered living. How? Let’s break it down, step by step. 

  1. Circumstance: It starts with a life circumstance that causes us pain or holds us back in some way. The circumstance is what happened to you. 
  2. Meaning: Then we assign a meaning to that circumstance. We may blame ourselves or another person, or we may fall into limiting beliefs, such as “I’m not worthy.” Unless we’re making a conscious choice, this is often the narrative our subconscious feeds us. 
  3. Trigger or Expand: Depending on the meaning you assign your circumstance, we can either react from a triggered space, or we can respond from a place of expansion and growth. 
  4. Thoughts: Depending on whether we’re in a triggered or expansive space, this determines our thoughts. We choose the quality of these thoughts, as well as whether or not we choose to believe them as fact or fiction. 
  5. Feelings: Then your thoughts influence your feelings, attitude and energy, too.
  6. Disempowered or Empowered Action: Your feelings and attitude will heavily influence your ability to take a disempowered action or an empowered action. 
  7. Results: Those actions will create your results. 
  8. Future: Every day, your results are designing your future and the one precious life you have the power to create. 

The Difference Is Choice 

Here’s the important thing to remember about this process: If you don’t take control of it, it runs on autopilot – which means it’s controlling you

Our reactions and responses to our circumstances are shaping our life and future right now. It just depends on whether you’re responding with intention or not

And that difference is a choice. 

Of course, the one thing you can’t choose is to change certain life circumstances. For example, getting sick or getting rejected or losing a loved one are all examples of life circumstances you didn’t choose. 

But everything after that is a choice. 

You can choose the meaning you assign to your circumstance. 

You can choose whether that meaning triggers or expands you. 

You can choose which thoughts you allow to rule your mind. 

You can choose which feelings you allow yourself to embrace. 

You can choose a disempowered action – or an empowered action. 

And all these choices dictate the results that determine your future

These choices make the difference between life happening to you – and you happening to life. 

That’s the difference between disempowered and empowered living.

Share With Us!

Are you living an empowered life? If you are, what are you ready to do in order to create it? 

Share with us! We would love to know!

Your story is so important.

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