How Vulnerability Catapulted My Speaking Career

Who says emotions and business don’t mix? Contrary to that belief, my decision to share my most vulnerable story in public became the catalyst for the business of my dreams.

There were days when getting out of bed seemed like an insurmountable task. On some, I couldn’t summon the strength to do even that. Guilt and shame became my constant companions as I blamed myself incessantly. My world had crumbled when I lost my son, Drew, to an accidental drowning. I felt like I had lost not only him but also a part of myself.


Grief consumed me entirely, leaving no room for any other emotion. I shut down, closed myself off, and refused to move forward. Living the same life became an impossible feat.


As I grappled with my grief, my husband immersed himself in work. Our divergent coping mechanisms created an emotional abyss, leaving me feeling even more isolated. Disconnected from the world, I longed to hide beneath the covers, unsure of how to navigate life without Drew.


Amidst the tragedy, the world moved on, leaving my pain behind. It was during this time that I rediscovered painting. Each brushstroke became a step in my healing journey, providing a space to confront and express my emotions. Art became my medium to transform pain into creation, a means to explore the depths of my hidden self.


Transitioning from loss to gratitude, I chose to share my story. Opening up about my journey became a powerful way to connect with others. The exchange of pain, gratitude, and inspiration was transformative. Encouraged by these connections, I embraced a speaking career, wrote books, and delved into community building.


The decision to let my emotional journey guide my business transformed me into a capable, confident entrepreneur. What started as a speaking and coaching business grew into a media distribution company and my own TV show. Today, I wake up with a sense of purpose, surrounded by a loving community.


For those skeptical about incorporating emotion into business, start small. Look for ways to be empathetic and understand others. Trust yourself to be authentic. Listening to your own feelings and those of others can be a powerful guide.


To implement these ideas, write your WHY. Your core business story, filled with vulnerability and emotion, builds connections and communities. Take 15 minutes now to articulate why you do what you do.

Implement It NOW:

Write down your WHY in the form of a short story. There’s always a story, and embracing vulnerability can create a powerful narrative that resonates with your audience. Don’t you want that for your business?