How To Find The Story The World Needs To Hear From You

The world needs to hear your story. But which one? Well, that’s a pretty big question, but don’t worry — we’ve got the steps to make it happen.   

I believe we all carry the secrets to life inside us. We each have a unique gift — or many! — that we’re destined to share with the world. In fact, the world needs your gifts in order to become a better place. But until we tap into them, and more importantly, start sharing them with each other, we may never realize our best, most beautiful lives. 

That begs the question: What is my gift? What am I supposed to share with this world? Don’t worry, that’s my mission … to help you find out. 



5 Questions To Evoke The Story The World Needs To Hear From YOU

There are a few important things to remember when attempting this exercise. First, you must write your answers somewhere: on paper, on your computer, on a napkin. Doesn’t matter where, just make sure you’re writing them down. That’s how the real inspiration strikes. Second, make sure you’re in a private space for this exercise. You can even set the scene a little bit by diffusing some oils or meditating. Lastly, don’t overthink it. You want these answers to come from deep within you. You don’t want them to be tainted by fear or judgement or criticism — not even from yourself! So write down the first thing that pops into your head, before the critical voices set in. 

1. What makes you extremely emotional when you think about it?

Here’s the thing. An outburst of emotion is a good sign that something within you is awakening. And emotion doesn’t have to mean sadness. It can also be anger or fear or happiness or even a deep sense of generosity. What wakes up your soul?

2. What are the three biggest moments of your life? 

Good or bad, which three moments have changed you forever? If you can think of more, that’s great, too. But the goal here is zero in on the defining events of your life. These are the big events that have changed the course of your career, relationships, finances, etc. 

3. What are three seemingly small or insignificant moments that stuck with you?

So you just wrote down some of the biggest events to affect your life so far. Now I want you to do the exact opposite. I want you to write down some of the smallest, most insignificant moments of your life. Make a list if you need to, but let it flow. Don’t think about this one too much. Don’t question them. If the smell of laundry fresh out of the dryer transports you, then write it down. 

4. If all risks could be guaranteed, what kind of work would do? 

Almost always, fear is the thing that stops us from fulfilling our heart’s deepest purpose. You know that voice in your head that says: “Wouldn’t it be so great if you quit your job and did this instead?” What’s it telling you to do when fear isn’t looking?

5. Why?

Once you have that answer — or maybe multiple answers — ask yourself why. Why do you want to do that? Do you believe it’s a calling? Was there a significant moment in your life when you knew? Do you remember when the idea first came to you? Ask yourself a million different ways if you need to, but get to the bottom of your why. It’s vital

Put It All Together 

By now you should have a wealth of storytelling inspiration. But that still leaves the question: Which one is the story? Looking at your notes, write down five stories you think could be the oneWhich one is the story? Now I want you to add some fresh perspective. Maybe all of these stories will be part of your gift to the world. But which one do you think needs to be told now? With that perspective in mind, I want you to ask yourself one last question. And don’t hesitate. The first one to pop into your mind — your gut choice — is the right one.