How To Find Clarity That Can Change Your Life

Wondering how to find clarity? Here’s a practice that can help you discover the kind of clarity that can change your life.

Clarity is the very honest and truthful connection to our inner selves. It’s that feeling we get when we’re no longer focused on the opinions and beliefs of others – but instead find peace and confidence in our own intuition. It’s knowing what we want and how to create it in our lives. 

Living with clarity means our actions are in alignment with the future we say we desire for ourselves. 

Are You Living In Clarity? 

You’ll know you’re living and acting from a place of clarity when your vision actually leads to creation. Clarity is vital in ensuring that our plans, beliefs and greater purpose actually create the results we intend. Why? It promotes transparency within ourselves that flows into our relationships with others. When we know what we want, others are much more likely to get on board and help us get there. 

Why Is Clarity So Important? 

Why is clarity so important? For me, the list is endless. But here’s a few powerful reasons to get you started: 

  • The more we trust ourselves and know ourselves – the more we get clear on our own values and beliefs – the more consistently we make choices to live in that clarified truth.
  • Clarity strips away our need to seek confirmation and acceptance from other people. 
  • When we can truly see ourselves, we can truly accept ourselves for who we really are without the opinions of others. We find the freedom to finally become vulnerable, creative and transformative. 
  • With clarity, we can finally see the value in experiences where we hadn’t yet found it. The meaningless becomes meaningful. 
  • We can finally see the wisdom, learnings, insight, gratitude and meaning we’ve gained from every misstep and every struggle. We can be grateful for the times we felt lost because they created the pathway to the clarity we feel right now. 
  • Sometimes we have to get it wrong for a while, before we get it right. But once we find that deep clarity, that connection to our own wisdom, then it’s all worth it – and everything begins to change. You realize you should be embarrassed and ashamed of nothing because it got you here
  • Our visions, actions and results begin to align. Our doubts begin to dissipate. And we become truly unstoppable in our God-given purpose. 


3 Key Components of Finding Clarity 

So how do you invite deep clarity into your life? How do you lead from this empowered, enlightened space? For me, there are three key components to inviting divine clarity into your life: 

1. Environment

Your environment is the foundation of your results. 

If you want to operate from a place of clarity, first you must design an environment that allows you to focus, connect inward and find your inner voice. 

Start by examining the quality of the environments you surround yourself with. Look at the quality of the relationships you immerse yourself in every day. 

The quality of your environments – and everything in them – are the first determinants of your results. Not getting the quality of results you hoped for? First sort out your environments, even if it means making big changes. 

A shift in your environment not only sets you up for success in finding clarity, but it also protects you from getting distracted and off track. 

2. Connection 

Once your environment is designed to coax out clarity, the core component comes down to connection. If you’re not taking dedicated time to reflect and connect with your inner self, clarity will remain a dream. 

You have all the answers you need already inside you, but in order to access them, you need to connect with that deep, all-knowing part of you. 

For me, I take time to ask myself powerful, revealing questions. I don’t shy away from the tough stuff. I ask myself the hard questions – in the gentlest way. I might ask: 

  • What is it I’m missing that will help me see things more clearly? 
  • What is it that I don’t know but I need to know? 
  • What is it that I know but I’m not willing to see? 

You can also ask yourself director questions about the situation you need clarity on. Ask yourself the way you would ask a trusted friend. Then simply sit and be open to receiving the answer. Trust that it will come. Listen and feel the truth as it arrives in your body. 

I also turn to prayer quite often. I ask God to guide me. Then I listen to my soul to hear the response. Faith may or may not be one of your values. Your God may look different than my God. But whenever I need that extra push toward clarity, I find that prayer is the difference-maker. 

3. Journaling 

Not only is journaling a powerful practice for finding clarity when it’s being fickle, but it also helps solidify the wisdom once clarity arrives. 

Those questions from Step 2 – and their answers – should be documented. Why? It’s too easy to forget the wisdom you’ve found. It’s too easy to get distracted, off track and discouraged. By writing it down, you’re reinforcing it in your mind, heart and soul. You have a space where you can now return to that wisdom, whenever you need it. 

Additionally, the process of journaling can help you access clarity when it feels most far away or most stubborn. For me journaling has always contained this magical connection between the mind and the soul. It brings to light the things we cannot speak, and it solidifies the things we discover along the way. 

Journaling allows our bodies and minds to move forward in a way that’s completely aligned with our purpose and vision for the future. It’s so powerful. 

The Bottom Line

None of my achievements, breakthroughs or moments of emotional freedom would have been possible without first finding the clarity to lead me there. 

For me, all good things start and end with clarity. 

Where could clarity lead you? 

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