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Learn how to connect to your heart by tuning into its intuitive voice and developing a simple practice with powerful results. 

I want to share something I learned recently from a very wise and loving friend. 

Robin Johnson, known by many as The Heart Whisperer, leads an inspiring and heart-centered retreat called Bravehearts, and a few months ago, I decided to take the course. She’s one of the most open-hearted people I’ve ever come across, and I knew this would be a great opportunity to learn to trust my heart again. 

And I’ll tell you what … 

I discovered the wisdom of my heart – and you can, too

The Voice of the Heart

The most powerful thing about learning the difference between the voice of your mind and the voice of your heart is: The voice of your heart will never lie to you. 

Your heart can only speak the truth, while the mind can be prone to assumption, misinterpretation, exaggeration, criticism and other fear-based reactions that tell you anything but the truth. 

Instead, the heart has only compassion and empathy, for you and others. It sees me and others as the same – equally valuable and equally worthy. 

But there’s also an intelligence that lives in the heart that, when asked a question, will always respond with love, truth and intuitive guidance. 

So what does the voice of the heart sound like? 

It is not loud or rushed. It speaks softly and slowly. 

If you are hearing an answer that’s fast-paced, judgmental or critical, then you’re hearing the voice of the mind. If you’re hearing an answer that speaks with quiet confidence, sometimes in whispers, then you’re hearing the voice of the heart. 

How To Connect To Your Heart

The beautiful thing about connecting to the heart is you can do it anywhere, anytime. Here’s how I do it:

First, I find a quiet room, lock my door and silence my phone. Then I put on my favorite meditation music – Healing in Your Presence by Julie True. That’s the cue for my subconscious to become very intentional as I connect within. 

Now, I place my hand on my heart and feel it physically beating in my chest. I close my eyes and focus on what the energy of my heart feels like. Then I start taking slow, deep breaths. 

Once I feel like I’m connected to the spiritual component of my heart – the part that’s connected to God – I ask it to be filled with divine love. I ask it to fill me with its presence, to fill the room, my home, and my community. 

Then I send love out to everyone in this world I love and hold dear. Doing that allows me to expand the amount of love I feel, as well as the amount of love that’s present in my life. 

Finally, I begin to ask my heart for the guidance, support, wisdom and love I might need in that moment. 

That’s how I connect to my heart. 

Benefits of a Connected Heart

Deep Awareness 

One of the greatest gifts of a heart connection is the deep awareness and clarity that comes, especially in relation to past experiences that might still be hurting me today. 

You see, it opens you up and allows you to go deeper, releasing any stored pain and negativity on a different level. 

Once you can see with that level of awareness, you can also detach yourself from the events, traumas and people who caused that pain. You can begin to see the truth of the situation, and you suddenly have the clarity to grow through what you go through. 

Confident Decisions 

For me, what’s been remarkable is the amount of change that’s come with me trusting my heart. I don’t second-guess myself like I used to – because when I connect to my heart I know I’m being given the most authentic, aligned answer I can receive. 

Now, it’s not always what I want to hear, but it’s what my heart knows I need to hear. For instance, I might be really upset with a person who I feel wronged me. But when I drop into my heart and ask if I think they did this to intentionally hurt me, my heart will answer in a way that’s truthful. In fact, the answer is usually no

My heart sees others with a compassion that’s taught me to rethink my approach and how I interact with people. It tells me to extend a kind of grace that fills all of my decisions with more love. 

Lasting Resilience

Finally, it’s taught me that not every wrong can be righted, but a loving heart can overcome anything. A loving heart is resilient and wise. It knows the value in doing, instead of just thinking. 

The Bravehearts experience allowed me to look at the parts of myself I thought had healed and go beyond what I thought I was capable of – into something more profound and freeing than ever before. 

Want To Learn More? 

Bravehearts has become one of my go-to techniques in my personal life and professional life. If you’re interested in learning how to distinguish between the voice of the heart and the voice of the mind, please message me. I would love to connect you with Robin. 

Or you can learn more about the program here

You can also learn many empowering and heart-centered tools in my Iconic Woman Course.

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