Are you ready to give up good to find your great? This is how I became a dreamer again – plus a step-by-step guide to finding yours, too.

How much have you let complacency sneak into your life?

When I was asked this question by my mentor, Sylvia High of Aiming High, it resonated deeply.
I’m always reaching higher, aiming for more and thinking about how I can make a bigger impact in this world. But when we started talking about complacency, I couldn’t deny that I felt a new truth starting to take shape in my heart: I have more to give.

Sometimes, you find yourself in a comfortable groove. Everything is familiar and humming along. Life is pretty good … for a while.

But, despite the fact that everything is pretty good, you still get that nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right. There’s this thing inside you that keeps reminding you that you have more to give.

That’s a tell-tale sign of complacency.

You might be missing out on your great by settling for your good.

Giving Up Good For Great

What does it mean to give up your good to find your great?

Imagine you find yourself at a point in life when everything is going pretty well. Your days are full. Your bills are paid. Your loved ones are healthy. It seems like a lot to be grateful for, right? Why would you ask for more?

On the other hand, your days are ruled by a draining routine. You seem to always be on the edge of exhaustion. And every day is filled with the obligation to keep it all together.

You don’t wake up feeling alive. You don’t have much to look forward to. You don’t have the chance to step into your passion on a daily basis. In fact, life may even start to feel like a numbing daily grind.

Some people would call that a good life. It’s good. It’s comfortable. It requires very little risk.

But I believe that where we start is not where we should stay. Eventually, the life and calling we once thought of as great usually begins to simply feel good again, as we master that level and get ready to grow into the next one.

At some point, we need to give up good to reach for great again.

How do you do that?

First, make sure you’re ready for something great. Do too many parts of your life feel like work? Maybe your job isn’t terrible, but you can easily imagine yourself doing something else. Would you drop your current projects in a heartbeat if you had the chance to do something else?
If yes, then you may be ready for great.

Now ask yourself a new set of questions. Imagine doing something you’ve always wanted to do – a passion project or a purpose that lights you up. Does it feel too good to be true? In this new role, are you able to contribute gifts you’ve never accessed before? How does this newfound happiness change you and affect your loved ones?

What does the difference between good and great feel like to you? Is it worth it? I asked myself this question recently, and it sparked a lot of reflection.

A Shift of Purpose

This year has brought some of the most profound transitions in my life. The only thing that has been more difficult was the journey through grief after losing my son.

These transitions and life events, as they often do, prompted me to see life, myself and my purpose through a new perspective. After speaking with my mentor about good versus greatness, I couldn’t deny that I wasn’t feeling called to my work the way I was once.

I started to crave the things that bring out my unique greatness – my creative and artistic sides. Right now, the things that are filling my cup have little to do with business and more to do with the development of something greater. In fact, I’d even neglected those parts of myself because I’d become so laser-focused on my business.

I realized that, for the longest time, I’d been building a community based around media creation. While I was passionate about it, I was treating it like it was the only thing I was passionate about.

I had to be willing to say – even though I spent three years of my life on this, and I’m so proud of it – right now it simply feels good. And I want to find out what my next great project will be.

That was scary. Taking a risk to change something that’s already working is scary. But as soon as I realized it wasn’t goodbye, but a pivot, then the fear started to dissipate.

You see, you don’t have to say goodbye to your good life in order to reach a greater one. You simply build upon it.

How To Gracefully Shift From Good To Great

Building upon your good to reach your great seems like one of those things that’s easier said than done. But I’ve found that, if you approach it with trust and a solid plan, it really can be pretty seamless and energizing!

1. Acknowledge the good.

Before you can start to look ahead, the first thing you want to do is acknowledge the good life you’ve been living. Thank your loved ones for their support. Write down your gratitude for the job that’s allowed you to build and create so much. Say a prayer of thanks for the body, mind and talents that got you to this moment. Spend a minute acknowledging the lessons that brought you to this point of growth.

Need help? Repeat after me: I created something of value that serves people, but I recognize that I don’t want this to be the only way I contribute to the world, my community, my family and my own sense of purpose.

Great job! Now get ready to pivot.

2. Ask for your great to be revealed to you.

Every transition should start out with this simple (sometimes not-so-simple) task. You have to ask for your great to be revealed to you!

I’m very spiritual, and I like to spend time talking to God. I’ll talk about what I’m searching for, and then I simply ask for it. If I don’t know exactly what I’m searching for yet, I’ll ask for it to be revealed to me.

Need help? Here’s an example: I know that I have a higher greatness to achieve in my life, but I’m not clear on what that looks like yet. I ask for your help in accessing that information, and in aligning my choices with the path that will follow.

3. Meditate and record.

At this point, you might be waiting for your greatness to be revealed to you, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit back and wait for a miracle. It’s your job to actively work toward your greatness, even when you don’t know where to start.

When that’s the case, the combination of meditation and journaling can be very helpful. In meditation, that’s when I find God really speaks to me. And if God isn’t your thing, imagine opening up a dialogue with a higher power, or simply your own higher self.

Don’t judge the process – just let it flow and see what kind of clarity comes in. Then, once you start to figure it out, make sure you follow up the meditation with some journaling. If you’ve discovered some nuggets of wisdom, write them down! This is where your genius lies, and these powerful conversations should be recorded.

4. Write out your plan.

As more and more pieces fall into place, I begin pulling all these ideas together to form a plan. If you want to pivot from good to great, what does that look like? What do you need to do to honor your good – and everything it’s taught you? Don’t just turn your back on the foundation you’ve laid. Instead, build upon it.

Then, start dreaming up what great would look like. What would it take? Whose help do you need? What resources will you need to acquire? How much time will you dedicate to this project? How will you free up time in other areas of your life to make time for this? Write check lists, make calls and inform your family about this new change.

I experience such a profound shift in what I can ask for and receive once I can clearly see how it’s all going to come together. Just doing this one step instantly made me feel so much lighter. I had more emotional and mental space for my dreams, and a well of fresh creativity sprung up inside me. It was suddenly easy to access my ideas again, and I could see what my contributions would look like.

5. Shift your time and resources.

At this point, it’s time to start putting your plan into action. Begin implementing the changes in your schedule that allow you to shift your time and attention to this new project. Schedule calls or meetings with the people who will help you get started. Budget for any investments you may need to make in resources.

For me, this meant making changes to my business model. I automated whatever could be streamlined. I changed or shifted the products and services that I didn’t think were serving my community as well as they should be. And I figured out how to provide better service without increasing my time commitment. Once I figured it out, it was a win-win for everyone.

6. Seek help and support.

I’ve mentioned this already, but it’s so important that it’s worth repeating. No one can change the world, move mountains and become their best self on their own. It takes a community of support. You’ll need your circle of trusted friends, mentors and power partners now more than ever. They’ll help you make connections, hold you accountable and more.

You may also want to look at your current circle and figure out what kind of support is missing. Is it time for a mentor or business coach who specializes in bringing out your great? Maybe you need to hire a new assistant or delegate some of the work you’ve been holding onto too closely. Get out of your comfort zone with this one because you’ll need more support than you did before to reach your great.

What’s Next?

Even now, as I begin my pivot from good to great, I don’t want you to think I’ve got this all figured out. I’m still working through my plan and seeing where it takes me. I’m not sure what this next level will bring me, and I haven’t quite figured out what my great looks like once I’ve finally arrived there. In fact, you can’t be sure what your next level of greatness looks like until you get there. And I’m ok with that right now.

The Bottomline

When I realized I was giving up my great to settle for my good, I went through a deep reflection process. By letting myself do that, I became a dreamer again. And that’s a gift I wish for everyone.

The unrecognized greatness inside me is simply too loud to ignore any longer, and if you feel the same way, I want to challenge you to give up your good to find your great.
There’s a difference between breaking through and breaking free – and that’s the difference between good and great.

What will you settle for?

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