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Ready to tap into your inner icon? Here are 10 elements of an iconic woman that can help you look beyond a good life to access a great one.

An iconic woman enjoys a life filled with wins – big and small – every day. 

Why? She lives in alignment with her values, in manifestation of her desires, and in service to her purpose. Most importantly, she lives in love with life and herself

An iconic woman is willing to accept 100% responsibility for the outcomes in her life, but she also commits 100% to learning and growing through each experience. 

The iconic woman lives with a no-excuse policy. To offer an excuse would be to disarm herself of her own creativity, imagination, will, power, responsibility, and divine connection

An iconic woman shows up in life by her own design. 

And the results are amazing

She becomes all possibility at all times in all ways.

That’s how a life of incredible, joyful purpose emerges. That’s how you discover the real you – the iconic you

10 Elements of an Iconic Woman

After 20+ years of searching, healing, rebuilding, succeeding and truly living, I’ve discovered a thing or two. Most importantly, I’ve discovered my own inner icon. These 10 elements are the stepping stones I used to get here. 

1. Beliefs

For me, it all started with my beliefs because what we believe about ourselves, others and the world form the lens through which we see our entire lives. They form the core of everything we think, feel and do. So if you’re ready for radical transformation, then a self-evaluation of your core belief system is the most powerful place to start. 

2. Thoughts 

Our beliefs are like the framework for our thoughts. Beliefs write the larger narrative, while our thoughts reinforce that narrative on a daily basis. That’s why it’s so important to understand how thoughts work, develop an awareness about what your thoughts are saying, and then commit to daily practices that help you interrupt negative thought patterns before they turn into behaviors. 

This is not something you can try once and expect to be done with the work. It’s something you have to dedicate yourself to on a daily basis. But I promise you it will make a difference. 

3. Emotions 

We get to choose what we keep from what we hear – and the same is true of our emotions. All day long we’re feeling and processing emotions. We’re responding to the events, relationships and environments around us and within us. But at the end of the day, we only remember the things that make us feel really good or really bad. By consciously tapping into that process, you can choose to create more of the good and less of the bad. You can stay connected to your heart, even when things feel tough, painful or heated. And you’ll feel like you have everything you need within you to take action you can be proud of. 

4. Decisions 

I didn’t always make the decisions that were best for me. I put others first. I self-sabotaged. I felt stuck yet made choices that kept me there. And I did it all because I believed others’ opinions of me – more than I believed my own opinion of me. You see, effective decision-making starts with our beliefs. But if we can start making decisions from the right place, then it becomes so much easier to create the empowered life we imagine.

Today, the decisions I make for myself come from a place of empowerment. Each choice is in alignment with my heart and what God has designed me to be. With a foundation of empowering beliefs, thoughts and emotions, I have what I need to make the right next decision and create true and lasting change. 

5. Boundaries

Let’s be honest – at first, we’re all afraid of opening our hearts and becoming vulnerable. Often, in fear, we choose to shut down our hearts as a measure of protection. But when we shut down our heart, we suffer. That’s why the best way to keep an open heart is to create boundaries that make it feel safe no matter what.

The solution to a closed heart is just better boundaries – because they allow you to stay in a heart-centered state. Over time, you’ll feel yourself creating your own safety net, a safe space where you can keep your heart open while still being free to love those around you. 

6. Environments 

A positive change in environment can feel like hitting the reset button on your life. Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from familiar environments to inspire change. Why? When you step away from distractions – disempowering relationships, places, technology – you have a fresh start to optimize your environment, create new habits, and build up some positive momentum. That’s why it’s so important to stop and take a look around at your environments. Look for patterns. Are your environments validating or invalidating? 

7. Self-Care

My entire healing journey began with the simple act of caring for myself in one small way. It started with getting out of bed and showering, then brushing my teeth, then getting dressed. Slowly over time, I learned to take care of myself – mind, body and soul.

Today, self-care is the foundation upon which I live an iconic life. I’m no longer running on empty. I’m overflowing from reserves of energy and love. More importantly, I’m connected to myself in a way that allows me to act from a place of divine guidance and purpose. I am more who I am than ever before. I’ve learned that the greatest form of self love is being able to wholeheartedly accept yourself as you are.

8. Alignment

When all these areas of your life begin to work in flow with each other, then you are living in alignment. Your beliefs, thoughts, emotions and decisions are working toward the same outcomes, which puts you in the driver’s seat to your next destination.

Alignment demolishes struggle, to make more room for your life’s purpose. It’s the golden key that opens the door to endless possibilities you never knew existed. As you learn to leave behind old stories that kept you stuck, you access the stories you knew were true all along – the ones you write yourself. It’s that inner pull leading you to discover your inner icon. 

9. Creation 

It doesn’t matter if your gift is the same as the lady next door or a #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. You have different experiences, and your life is calling you to express it in your own unique way. Trust that. As we express our gifts in a different way from anybody else, we are fulfilling our soul’s purpose of exactly what we came here to contribute to this planet. I hope this is something that you learn and that you gain as you create.

10. Purpose

One of the most beautiful and meaningful gifts you’ll receive from living an iconic life is the thrilling sense of purpose. With an empowered vision for the future, you can look ahead with hope and focus for what’s to come. You can finally move past the past and create the forward momentum you always knew you were missing. You’ll be willing and eager to act, overriding fear and finding a way to make your best and brightest contribution.

Finding purpose is like making a radical commitment to your highest self. And as an iconic woman, you’ll have the vision, goals and resources to get there.  

Ready for an Iconic Life? 

The Iconic Women’s workshop is your toolbox for gaining increased confidence, clarity, decisiveness and creating a better understanding of who you are, what you stand for and where you want to go. You’ll walk away with a rejuvenated sense of purpose, direction, passion and an enhanced ability to connect with God, yourself and others.

All you have to do is show up for the journey. 

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