Ditch the Low-Vibrational thinking with these Tools

Here are the tools and practices I use to shift from a low-vibrational state of mind to a high-vibe consciousness that helps me achieve my purpose every day. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about living in high vibration is that it just happens. Some people are magically or energetically blessed. But, in my experience, that’s just not true. 

Activating your highest vibrations, and then living in alignment with them each day, is a daily ritual that requires focus, commitment, and consistency. Living with purpose and joy doesn’t just happen. It requires action on your part, so the universe can magically take care of the rest. But you still have to put in your part, so the universe will do its part. It’s a collaborative process, not just a one-way street of effortless magic. 

My Daily Commitment To High-vibe Living 

That being said, the process of regularly raising my vibration is something I focus on every day. Over the years, I dove deep into healing techniques, different modes of expression, and daily practices that would help me align with my purpose and live with intention. During that time, I assembled a toolkit of sorts that allows me to raise my vibration when I’m feeling low, off or in a funk. If I return to these habits and tools, they always help me get back on track. 

One of the most powerful tools I’ve acquired is the power of positive thinking, which I put into practice through daily affirmations. Now, you may have tried affirmations before with little to no luck. I get it. It took me a little while to figure out the most powerful way to practice them and feel their positive effects on my daily life. 

To help you get started on the path of positive thinking with more ease, I’m sharing my affirmation process with you — because it’s a little different than the rest. 

My Favorite High-vibe Tool

Each morning, I wake up and start my day with Morning Pages, which you can learn more about in this blog. While the standard Morning Pages exercise is a bit more stream-of-consciousness, I like to focus on specific things in my morning journal writing. 

First, I start by focusing on what I’m grateful for. It puts me in a more generous and compassionate headspace before I jump into my affirmations. And it gives me a chance to put things in perspective. 

I might also follow that up by writing what I desire to be healed from or what my intention is for the day. How do I want to show up in the world? How can I be a force of good? Once I’ve set the foundation for what I want to achieve and who I want to be, I begin writing down my affirmations for the day. 

Making Affirmations Stick

Writing has such a powerful connection to your thoughts. It takes an abstract idea and turns it into something physical you can see on the page. 

Through this process, you can take your thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviors and begin to align them in a deep and lasting way. 

That’s why, when I set out to change some limiting beliefs through the power of affirmation, I decided I would commit them to paper for 30 days — just to see the effects on my mind and in my life. 

Each day, once I finished laying the foundation for my day in Morning Pages, I would continue my journaling by writing my affirmations in a list. They would be different each day, depending on how I felt and what I wanted to focus on. But they usually ended up looking something like this: 

  • I intend to be a positive force for good in this world.
  • I emulate hope and healing.
  • I believe in the best of me. 
  • I choose to elevate to my higher self. 
  • I trust the universe to conspire in my favor. 


The Side Effects Of A Written Affirmation Practice 

One of the things I’ve always been pretty good at is taking the time to write and journal. It’s something I turn to when the world isn’t making sense. 

But during the time I tried this exercise, I really transformed some negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones. I could actually see the change transpiring in my life, and it was a great one. 

All of a sudden I was a lot more sure about myself and the world, and I stopped doubting and holding myself back. 

It also caused a shift in how I used my time. It was easier for me to commit to things that aligned with my purpose and intentions, rather than falling into my common pitfalls or challenges. I didn’t allow my time to be derailed from the mission at hand. When I was tempted to fall into old patterns, I had those Morning Pages to fall back on. 

How To Try This At Home

If you want to get clear on your intentions and stay firm in your path to realize them, try writing your affirmations in a journal each and every day for 30 days. Choose your words with deliberation. Try to take the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and flip them. That will help you begin to change your thoughts, which will inevitably affect your actions and behaviors in a positive way.