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Design environments that make you feel good. Are your environments validating or invalidating? Here’s a quick self-assessment. 

An essential part of the transformational process is becoming the observer of all things that touch your life. 

Once I developed an observant and curious mindset about my own life and the outcomes I was creating, I quickly noticed that my environments held a considerable amount of influence over my ability to make empowered decisions. 

Our environments can be supportive, destructive or neutral. An environment can be a validating enforcement of your goals, or it can be a disempowering and ineffective distraction. 

The key is surrounding yourself with the right ones. 

However, designing an empowering environment takes a little more effort than just rearranging the furniture. 

We have to look at what we believe about our worthiness, abilities and future potential – because all those core beliefs are often reflected in the environments we see ourselves in and surround ourselves with. 

Our environments can either be a support system or a deterrent for an empowered life. Here’s how to discern the difference. 

Is Your Environment Validating or Invalidating?

Have you ever hit a creative block, then changed your environment – and suddenly tapped into divine inspiration? Maybe you’ve returned from a weekend retreat, and your first day back is filled with fresh ideas, creativity and productivity. 

A positive change in environment can feel like hitting the reset button.

Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from familiar environments to inspire change

The Power of Environments 

When you step away from distractions – disempowering relationships, places, technology – you can optimize your environment to create new habits and positive momentum. 

That’s why it’s so important to stop and take a look around at your environments. Pay attention to spaces, energies, activities and relationships. Look for patterns. 

Are your environments validating or invalidating

Validating Environments 

A validating environment is a person, place or thing that intentionally encourages empowered decision-making. It feels: 

  • Supportive 
  • Encouraging 
  • Collaborative 
  • Expansive 

Invalidating Environments 

An invalidating environment is a person, place or thing that intentionally encourages disempowered decision-making. It keeps us small, and it feels: 

  • Teasing
  • Depleting 
  • Contaminating 
  • Shaming

Is Your Environment Effective or Ineffective?

Sometimes, our environments aren’t necessarily disempowering, but they don’t feel supportive either. These environments are simply effective or ineffective. 

Effective Environments 

An effective environment is intentionally created and cultivated to support your goals and move forward. It feels: 

  • Growth-minded
  • Creative 
  • Collaborative  
  • Guided

Ineffective Environments 

An ineffective environment isn’t necessarily destructive, but it isn’t supportive either; it’s disengaged. It feels: 

  • Stagnant 
  • Boring 
  • Stressful 
  • Agitating

Environments: A Self-Assessment 

The art of effective decision making is intentional – and it starts with the environments we’re creating and choosing. Start with a self-assessment of the most important environments in your life. Think people, places, spaces, energies and more. 

Then ask yourself: 

How much better would your life be if you spent more time being mindful of your environments? What would that open up for you? 

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