In desperate need of a self-care toolkit that actually works? Turn off the outer chaos and turn up the inner peace with these 60+ activities.

It’s been a tough year with a lot of important change and challenging circumstances. Not only are we all impacted differently, but we’ve been going through it collectively, as well.

We’re more divided – on a national, community and individual level – than ever before. The stakes are high, and the tensions are, at times, even higher. And I’m worried that we’re losing the ability to engage in purposeful, respectful conversation on multiple levels.

Instead of doing the work in our own lives, we’re habitually turning outward into the world and pointing fingers.

So it got me thinking about why. And I think it always comes back to what’s happening in our relationships with ourselves.

By becoming more aware of your state of being – how you show up in the world every day – you can better understand how the effects of trauma are still with you. When you have that deep understanding, you’re less triggered, more centered and harder to rattle.

It’s the difference between reacting with anger or judgement and responding with intention and compassion.

You have to be in the right mindset to accept change and create purposeful transformation – and that all starts with a strong internal foundation.

So in times of chaos and conflict, I wanted to put together a toolkit for compassion and self-care. Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite self-care activities that inspire calm and compassion.

A Self-Care Tool Kit to Help You Respond Vs. React

1. Mind

If you feel irritable, flustered or overwhelmed, the mind is a good place to start for self-care. This could be as simple as working a 10-minute guided meditation into your morning routine, or it could be writing a letter to yourself that expresses compassion and forgiveness for your recent challenges. I think the most important element of mindful self-care is getting some time alone to clear your head. Here are a few other ideas:

Meditate with a guided app or video
Practice mindfulness exercises
Journal daily
Read something you love
Clean the house
Try a new activity
Make a list of what’s in your head
Do a puzzle
Solve a crossword
Color outside the lines
Go outside and breathe fresh air
Put on soft clothes and blankets
Listen to running water
Gaze at the stars
Buy some new art
Take the dogs on a walk
Take a bath with essential oils
Light a candle
Walk barefoot in nature
Play on the swings
Bake a healthy treat
Craft a piece of jewelry or decor
Put on some dance tracks
Play dress-up
Build a fort
Go to bed early
Just be

2. Body

One of the easiest ways to tap into your mind is through your body. The mind-body connection is so strong, and by creating regular physical habits, the right moves can actually change your mind when you need them to. Think of it like you’re training your body to release those happy hormones when your mind can’t seem to get them going. The key is consistency. So check out these self-care sweat sessions:

Grab a friend for a 10-minute dance party
Practice yoga wherever you are
Play a game of tennis
Walk to the corner store for fresh produce
Cook a meal from scratch
Ride a bike around your neighborhood
Prioritize your sleep schedule
Wake up an hour earlier
Go for a swim
Tend your garden
Give yourself a massage
Lounge in an infrared sauna
Try acupuncture or acupressure
Drink an extra glass of water
Hit a punching bag
Play a game of Twister
Learn to hula-hoop
Count your steps
Learn to ballroom dance
Take three deep breaths and repeat

3. Spirit

Maybe you’re pretty good at checking the right boxes when it comes to self-care. You schedule regular “me time,” walk with friends every night and even squeeze in a transformational meditation most days. But self-care goes past just mitigating stress and returning to center. It should add to your life in a meaningful way, too. True self-care gives you the space to be creative, ask the big questions, feel connected to the universe and inspired by your faith. That’s why I also wanted to include a list of self-care activities that feed your soul and allow you to grow bigger with every dazzling minute.

Start a gratitude journal
Try your hand at painting
Write your story
Doodle your story
Start your day with a prayer
Design a dreamy vision board
Do something kind for a stranger
Call someone to say “I love you”
Host a moon circle with friends
Create a grounding morning routine
Develop a relaxing evening routine
Take a day off and play hookie
Rearrange a room in your house
Start a lifelong passion project
Dress up and contemplate your beautiful existence

If we can create more mindfulness in our own lives, then we can begin to move from a space of reacting to responding – and hopefully communicate in a way that creates positive change.

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