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How To *Actually* Pivot in Life & Business

If things aren’t going your way, you may need to pivot. But how do you *actually* pivot in life and business? It’s simpler than you think. No matter what preconceived notions you’ve had about life or business – things you could never predict will happen to you. We’ll never be able to anticipate or prepare […]

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How To Heal Through Storytelling & Self-expression

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Looking for an authentic, self-guided path to healing? Learn how to heal through storytelling and self-expression with these 6 steps. For most of us, our first reaction to trauma and pain is to keep it all inside. Don’t talk about it. Don’t think about it. Definitely don’t tell other people about it. In fact, when […]

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Why We’re in a Collective State of Conflict

Feeling like the world is stuck in a collective state of conflict and attack? Here’s my prescription for progress. Hint: It starts with YOU. Right now, when I look out into the world, I see a lot of really important issues with two very opposite sides. No matter which side you find yourself on, there’s […]

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How To Identify Hidden Disfunction In Your Life

Do you have the nagging suspicion that you’re accepting dysfunction in your life? Here’s a little self-reflection activity to see how you can bring more peace into the tough spots. Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m in this metaphorical cocoon – like I’m deep in the belly of another metamorphosis. In my home life, I’ve […]

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How To Protect Your Boundaries With Honest Conversations

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Want to learn how to protect your boundaries with honest conversation? Here are my best tips for creating boundaries even when it’s tough.  How many times have you said yes to commitments, events or obligations simply because you wanted to be polite?  Sometimes we get so caught up in being agreeable or people-pleasing or doing […]

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How To Ask For What You Deserve In 2020

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Don’t know how to ask for what you want in 2020? Here are four easy steps to stop under-asking and start getting what you deserve.  One of the most powerful statements ever made to me came from one of my mentors, author and speaker Kevin Kitrell Ross. He said: “It’s time for you to stop […]

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The Secret To Letting Go Of What Does Not Serve You

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As we move into a new decade, much of our collective focus is on goals, achievement and action: What do we want to add to our lives in 2020?  But stop and think about that for a second:  How busy are you already?  How full is your calendar today?  How close to overwhelm are you […]

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5 Ways To Intuitively Nurture Your Network

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Intuitively nurture your network with these five easy ways to connect, and let’s all find success together.  When it comes to spreading a global, world-changing message, you’re going to need as many people in your corner as you can get — but that doesn’t mean collecting surface-level connections or Facebook friends.   Building a network strong […]

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