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The First Step To Radical Transformation

First Step To Radical Transformation, radical transformation, steps to radical transformation, beliefs, core beliefs, understanding our beliefs, empowering beliefs, authentic self, cultural self, Melissa Hull

Let’s start at the very beginning. Here’s the first step to creating a life of radical transformation and, ultimately, self-acceptance.  Our beliefs are at the core of everything we think, feel and do.  They are the lens through which we see ourselves, others and the world.  They shape everything in our lives.  But here’s the […]

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How To Make Empowered Choices – Even In Hardship

How To Make Empowered Choices, make empowered choices, empowered choices, disempowered choices, empowerment, disempowerment, empowered thoughts, empowered feelings, empowered actions, melissa hull

Ready to learn how to make empowered choices – even in hardship?  Are you stuck in a cycle of disempowered choices? Shed disempowering narratives and assign empowered meaning to your toughest life experiences.  Here’s how you can rewrite your narrative by making empowered choices – even amidst hardship or struggle.  Disempowered Choices  Before I discovered […]

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Life Happens For You Not To You

Life Happens For You Not To You, happening to me, happen to your life, don’t let life happen to you, transformation, transform your life, transform your life circumstances, empowered living, disempowered vs empowered action, Melissa Hull

Are you ready for my biggest transformation secret? Life happens for you not to you. Here’s why I know this is true:  One of my biggest transformations started with a simple realization. Bad things can happen to good people – but good things can also come from bad circumstances.   And you shape the results.  Now, […]

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Find Your Voice With Color

find your voice with color, the healing power of color, the healing power of art, how color heals, how art heals, healing with art, healing with color, the art of healing, the A.R.T. of healing, Melissa Hull

Looking for a new way to illuminate your potential and connect to your inner self? Find your voice with color.  From the time I was a kid, art and color have assisted me in my healing journey in ways I didn’t realize at the time, but I can now identify.  Looking back at how my […]

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Looking Beyond The Traditional ‘Healing Space’

healing space, healing spaces, how to make a healing space, how to create a healing space, healing environment, healing environments, how to create a healing environment, melissa hull, the art of healing

I tried to create a traditional, candles-and-comfy-blankets healing space, but it just didn’t work for me. So here’s what I did instead:  When most people talk about creating a healing space, they’re talking about a room in their home – a beautiful altar adorned with candles and trinkets, while gentle music plays in the background.  […]

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Stop Over Apologizing. Start Communicating Honestly.

Stop Over Apologizing, over apologizing, how to stop over apologizing, why do I over apologize, apologize too much, stop apologizing too much, why do i apologize too much, how do i stop apologizing too much, melissa hull, the art of healing

Want to stop over apologizing? The cure is honest communication and raw vulnerability. Here’s how I kicked the habit and deepened my relationships. For years, I never recognized how often I apologized for every little thing that didn’t go right in life.  In fact, I felt like I had to apologize for everything – for […]

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How Service Heals

How service heals, serving others, serve others, healing, healing journey, serving others serves you, service to others, serving others heals, melissa hull, The A.R.T. of Healing

I know how service heals – because it still heals me every day. Here are four reasons why serving others serves YOU more than anyone else.  After I lost my 4-year-old son, Drew, in an accidental drowning, I remember a woman I’d never met came up to me with a pretty bold idea.  She taught […]

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Staying Safe in the Water

  Everyone wants to enjoy their summertime activities, but it’s important to temper that desire for fun with an interest in remaining safe, particularly when it comes to activities like boating or swimming.  The following safety tips can ensure that you and your family enjoy a happy and safe time in the water.   It […]

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What My Meditation Practice Actually Looks Like

Meditation Practice Actually Looks Like, meditation practice, meditation, what a meditation practice actually looks like, daily meditation practice, daily meditation, The A.R.T. of Healing, the art of healing, art of healing, melissa hull

Need a little more zen in your life? Here’s what my daily meditation practice actually looks like.  Meditation is not just about creating a moment of peace.  It’s about providing ourselves with one moment where we can reconnect with our inner selves and higher power – so we can walk into the next moment with […]

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