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How Vulnerability Launched My Speaking Career

Here’s why I decided to make the public stand of sharing my most vulnerable story — and how it lead to the speaking career of my dreams. Manifest your purpose with the #MelissaHullBlog.  I could barely get out of bed. And some days, I couldn’t even do that. I could only feel the guilt. The shame. I just wanted […]

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How To Attract And Cultivate Your Ideal Client

Do you want to know the difference between clients who fall by the wayside and clients who stay on, committed, for the long haul? It’s you. You have the ability to attract and cultivate the ideal client every time. Here are 20+ tips to get you started.  What if the secret to easier and more […]

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How To Talk To Someone Who’s Grieving

When someone we care about is grieving, we often feel helpless and confused about what to say or how to help. Here are a few tips on how to talk to someone who’s just lost a loved one. We’ve all had those moments, right? A friend or family member reaches out with the worst news […]

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5 Healing Tips For Grief During The Holidays

Dealing with grief during the holidays isn’t easy. Here are the tools and strategies I used to shift from pain to gratitude during the most wonderful time of the year.   I remember when I went to my mom’s house for the first holiday after I lost my son, Drew. I walked in, and all […]

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