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Here’s why I believe this small-town girl is actually an icon – and YOU are, too. 

Today, I’m on a mission – a mission to challenge the common idea of what it means to be an icon

That’s right. I want to challenge you to rethink what you’ve accepted, what you’ve settled for. I want you to question what it means to find inner peace, to be accomplished, to live a “good” life. 

I’m here to shake up your perspective and show you that there’s more to life than settling for good

Because good is good enough – so long as great is not a possibility. 

But the person who lives in that greatness, well, that person is iconic.

Why I Believe I’m An Icon

I’m just going to come straight out and say it: I’m a small-town girl who dares to say she’s an icon. Not only do I believe I’m an icon by my own definition, but I also believe there’s an icon within every woman

But I didn’t always think this way. In fact, my inner icon was born out of hardship, adversity and soul-shattering loss. When I began this life-changing work, I started as a heartbroken, defeated woman who was on the edge of not wanting to exist anymore

I had endured an abusive childhood fraught with sickness and fear. As a young mother, I lost my son, Drew, in an accidental drowning, which led to my husband leaving me a month later. I’ve been betrayed time and again. I’ve gone through a divorce. 

I’m no stranger to tragedy. 

But at some point, I either had to succumb to it all – or I had to start questioning it all. So I asked myself: What would it take for me to find joy again? What would it take to become a person I’m proud of? What would it take to begin living my true, vibrant purpose?

And so my journey began. Over 20+ years, I discovered lessons, mindsets, tools, practices and more that helped me regain control of my life. But perhaps one of the most important lessons of all was that, yes, hardship could happen to me – but it was my choice whether or not that hardship would define me. 

So I began to look at where in my life I was settling for good, instead of believing that something great was possible for me. And everything began to change. 

By showing up to do the work every single day, I eventually became so self-loving that I stopped believing the labels, opinions and judgements of my external world, and I started creating my own definitions. I realized that those judgements have no ability to touch me anymore because I no longer seek their validation. 

I developed such inner strength and resilience that I began trusting my inner resources. When the next hardship came my way, I was able to pick up and move forward. I experienced the struggle differently because I knew how to interpret difficult situations by finding the greater meaning. 

I developed such a deep understanding of who I am that my beliefs, thoughts, actions and outcomes were all in alignment with my unique greatness and vision for the future. 

I started taking ownership of my relationships, environments and experiences. I learned how to manage them so they didn’t become the anchors that tethered me to the bottom of the ocean – but the lighthouse I used to swim to shore. 

But most importantly, I refused to live as the victim of my life anymore. I just wouldn’t do it. Not even for one more day. I loved myself and my life far too much to settle for anything less. 

I’d become the conscious creator of my inner and outer worlds, and that journey gave me such a natural vibrancy that I was able to believe in and manifest my wildest dreams for the first time since I was a little girl. 

I’d finally arrived at the place I’d always been looking for – and it felt iconic

What’s An Icon?

Now, you might be wondering: What’s an icon? 

An iconic woman is so deeply connected to her inner self that she has the power to consciously choose and recreate the belief system that drives her, and once she redefines her beliefs, they carry her forward as she ascends to a higher level of consciousness. 

She’s a woman whose beliefs, choices and outcomes are so aligned with her dream vision for the future that she’s living her purpose with success and joy – and no one can stop her

She’s so firm in who she is that no person, experience or obstacle can invalidate her. 

She’s so self-loving that her energy is contagious, touching every relationship in her life with compassion. 

A woman who has discovered her inner icon is truly and irrevocably vibrant

I knew I had discovered my inner icon when I realized life wasn’t about existing, surviving or even healing – it was about really and truly living. It was about learning to access that internal place of self-compassion and acceptance that makes us feel so alive that we can’t wait to design a life of joy and empowerment. 

That is the goal. That is what I want all women to be able to access within themselves. 

Are You Ready To Become An Icon?

You’re ready to discover your inner icon when every ounce of your being is calling for more. 

You’re ready when you find yourself craving a process of deep self-discovery – when you’re sick and tired of living a life that looks nothing like the one you dreamed of. 

You’re ready to access your inner icon when you feel an undeniable urge to align with your inner greatness and divine truth – the truth that you are an icon, too. 

One Way To Take Action NOW

The ability to access your inner icon and live a life of divine empowerment is entirely possible. I did it, and you can, too. 

I promise this is within you. 

So you can’t sit back and say you haven’t been told. 

The time to take action is NOW. 

And I have the perfect way for you to get started. I’ve been working on this practice for over 20 years, and I’ve learned quite a few tools, techniques and mindsets along the way. 

I share all my best strategies for navigating life’s toughest moments inside of my membership community. You can even find a video course on this exact topic that includes everything you need for self-discovery and empowered action. 

All you have to do is show up for the journey. 

Learn more about my Iconic Woman Series here – and finally take ownership of your life.