5 Ways To Nurture Your Network Intuitively

Intuitively nurture your network with these five easy ways to connect, and let’s all find success together. 

When it comes to spreading a global, world-changing message, you’re going to need as many people in your corner as you can get – but that doesn’t mean collecting surface-level connections or Facebook friends.  

Building a network strong and wide enough to circle the globe means getting to know people in an authentic way, even in our digital world. 

So in 2023, let’s all make a resolution to throw out small talk, marketing agendas, one-sided opportunities and petty competition from our relationships. Instead, let’s connect with each other by tapping into our intuitions, choosing collaboration over competition, and holding enough space for us to all succeed together. 

Ready to dive into my 5 easy tips for intuitive networking? Here are the tools I use to nurture your network. 

5 Ways To Intuitively Nurture Your Network

1. Make it part of your routine.

Each day, as a part of my mindful morning routine, I take a few minutes to just be. I grab a notebook and journal, or sometimes I read and find some inspiration to start my day. 

During that time, whoever pops into my head at that time usually gets a message or a check-in from me later that day. I’ll send a text or write a card and drop it in the mail. If that friend is having a hard time or celebrating a milestone, I’ll make a note to send some flowers. 

2. Trust your gut. 

Like I mentioned, I like to use my gut when deciding who to focus on each day. Some entrepreneurs may use a calendar or more structured approach to nurturing professional and personal relationships, but I generally like to let my intuition lead the way. It feels more organic to me, and I think it helps me tap into relationships at the moment they need me, rather than according to an arbitrary rotation. 

Send your energy out there, and see who needs to hear from you — you may be surprised how much you can intuitively sense. 

3. Make thoughtful introductions. 

Sometimes the best opportunity comes in the form of a well-placed introduction. Whenever I meet someone, I’m always thinking about who I can connect with. The strength of your network relies on the strength of each connection. By helping your friends strengthen their connections, everyone grows stronger together. 

4. Pay opportunities forward. 

Sometimes you hear about an opportunity that sounds really exciting, but it’s just not for you at that moment. Instead of just deciding whether or not you’ll participate, spend an extra minute or two thinking about who else could benefit from that opportunity, then pass along the information. 

If nothing else, that person will know you were thinking about them and investing in their success. 

5. Manifest your network bucket list.

We grow in the direction of our networks and relationships. So if you want to reach a certain level of success, first find the people who are already doing it. That’s who you want to dedicate intentional, focused energy to. 

Next, to manifest those relationships into being, start by writing down those names, big and small. Consider people in your communities, as well as people who you might consider totally out of reach. This is your relationship bucket list, after all. Great, now you’re nurturing your network with intention and intuition!