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Feeling stuck in your own patterns? Break the cycle with these empowered mindset shifts that can change your life. 


We are all one thought from changing the rest of our lives. 

One thought. One choice. One action. 

That’s all it takes. 

But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. 

It takes work – and true, honest self-reflection. 

And sometimes … it takes the right kind of inspiration. 

That’s why I’m sharing three empowered mindset shifts that changed my life, even in moments of deep struggle and soul-shattering pain. 

These simple beliefs changed the way I saw the world – and they changed the way I was able to rebuild myself

They saved me, and I hope they help save you, too. 

3 Empowered Mindset Shifts To Change Your Life

1. Life Happens For You – Not To You

empowered mindset shifts, empowered mindsets, change your mindset, empowered thinking, empowered beliefs, how to change your life, change your life, victim mindset, victor mindset, melissa hullOne of my biggest transformations started with a simple realization. 

Bad things can happen to good people – but good things can also come from bad circumstances. And you shape the results. 

Now, I realize I can’t control every aspect of my life. But I do have control over my reactions and responses. 

By choosing how I respond to my circumstances, I have the ability to happen to my life, instead of passively allowing my life to happen to me

In other words, I may not be able to control certain life circumstances, but I can control their outcomes – with my choices, beliefs and attitudes. 

When I finally realized that simple reset, it gave me the ability to redesign, recreate and re-engage with my life in a way that makes me feel spiritually and emotionally free

Today, I know that whatever comes my way, I have the inner resources, mindsets and abilities to transform my circumstances, instead of letting them take hold of me.

You see, our reactions and responses to our circumstances are shaping our life and future right now. It just depends on whether or not you’re responding with intention

And that difference is a choice. 

Of course, the one thing you can’t choose is to change certain life circumstances. For example, getting sick or getting rejected or losing a loved one are all examples of life circumstances you didn’t choose. 

But everything after that is a choice. 

You can choose the meaning you assign to your circumstance. 

You can choose whether that meaning triggers or expands you. 

You can choose which thoughts you allow to rule your mind. 

You can choose which feelings take root in your heart. 

You can choose a disempowered action – or an empowered one. 

And all these choices dictate the results that determine your future

These choices make the difference between life happening to you – and you happening to life. 

In my experience, that’s the biggest difference between disempowered and empowered living. 

2. Be A Victor – Not A Victim

Once you can embrace a more empowered belief about life, the next step is to address those negative thoughts that seem to always push through when things get tough. For me, the best way to address these negative beliefs is to consider whether you tend toward a victim or victor mindset. 

A victim mindset, for example, is tied to a limiting or damaged belief system that lives deep within our subconscious minds. It comes from negative beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. These beliefs are taught to us by our experiences, relationships and cultures. But they are not necessarily based in truth. 

Regardless of whether or not they are true, however, these negative beliefs often determine if we see ourselves as victims or victors.

More importantly – they can be changed. 

empowered mindset shifts, empowered mindsets, change your mindset, empowered thinking, empowered beliefs, how to change your life, change your life, victim mindset, victor mindset, melissa hullThat’s why, if you want to shift from a victim to a victor mindset, you need to be constantly checking in with yourself. Ask questions whenever you start to feel disempowered or off center. 

Do I feel like people are out to get me? Where does that come from? 

Do I feel like the world is unfair, or that bad things always happen to me? What belief is that tied to, and is it true? 

It’s crucial to check in with yourself because that’s how you can begin to change your beliefs at the core. Once you start making the conscious effort to see things differently, you can begin to shift toward a more empowered frame of thought. 

A victor mindset, for example, is a state of awareness that we can use to disrupt those old, conditioned patterns that tell us we’re disempowered and incapable of creating the life we want. 

It’s a way of thinking that replaces the damaging, limiting and punishing beliefs with new empowering, loving and affirming beliefs. 

It’s a subtle change with profound effects. 

You’ll know you’ve tapped into a victor mindset when you shift from disempowerment to empowerment – and your mind, heart and body feel it, too. 

In fact, the really great thing about going from a victim to victor mindset is that it immediately helps the body by supporting the endocrine system, the nervous system and the hypothalamus in the brain. 

A victor mindset supports the mind, heart and body with a sense of empowerment that is transformational

3. Breakthrough – Then Breakfree

No matter how much work you do on shifting your mindset, it’s important to remember that healing is a journey. Sometimes, you don’t know the pain is still hiding deep inside, until something triggers you and all that hurt rears its ugly head again. 

I’ve learned this from experience. Just when I think I’ve healed every aching part of me, God hands me another challenge to remind me: There’s more to heal. 

So it got me thinking. How do I know when I’m breaking through the pain … versus breaking free from the pain?

You see, I’m no stranger to tragedy. I’ve dealt with loss and pain my entire life. 

To some degree, I think I learned to hold my breath as I got through things, to throw up the walls and strengthen my outer defenses – just to make it to the other side of my pain one more time. 

But the moment I’m triggered, or when I allow myself to truly relax, an old wound shows itself. And I’m reminded there’s always more to reveal to myself about myself. 

That moment – that’s the breakthrough. But the breakthrough doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll process the pain and release it. 

empowered mindset shifts, empowered mindsets, change your mindset, empowered thinking, empowered beliefs, how to change your life, change your life, victim mindset, victor mindset, melissa hullThat’s the breakfree

And the breakfree is a choice.

Even in the moments when I walk away knowing I’ve been hurt or created hurt, I know I always have the choice to heal. It may not be the easy thing. It may not happen overnight. But I have the choice. 

For me, it always starts with self-love. If I can see myself through the lens of love and compassion, then I can recognize what’s not serving me – without losing control to an emotional response. 

I can return to my foundation. I can remember that I was designed by my creator to be joyful. I was hard-wired to operate out of love.

So in the moments of my humanness, I choose to remember that – not to look for the justification or the excuses. Instead, I choose to see an opportunity to dig deeper and heal more. Every time, I choose to recommit to my healing journey. 

You see, breaking free starts with the choice to take a closer look at myself, in all my humanity, and decide not to judge it but to embrace it. 

It’s the choice to say: “Thank you for letting me see where I still have pain.” 

It’s the commitment to remain grateful that I’ve received valuable wisdom, creative power and personal growth from everything I have been through – even though it was painful to process. 

And I do it all because, with each moment of honesty, I’m taking one more step in alignment with what I desire: the breakfree.

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