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Why Living Through 2020 Felt Like Grieving

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You’re not the only one who thought living through 2020 felt like grieving. Don’t head into your 2021 goals without letting 2020 go.  Right now, we’re collectively feeling isolated in our own experiences.  The global pandemic. Business shutdowns. School closures. Sickness and loss.  There’s been so much hurt and disruption from what used to be […]

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My Divine Calling ✨

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I found my divine calling, and I’m about to shake things up a little bit.  Back in October, I shared my commitment to give up my GOOD to find my GREAT. Well, today I know what that looks like with clarity and certainty – and I am filled with joy to be able to share it […]

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How To Feel Whole Again

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After life leaves us feeling shattered, we can struggle to put the pieces back together. Here’s how to feel whole again.  There’s a Japanese art form based on the idea that wholeness can always be recreated.  When a pot or piece of artwork breaks, in the Japanese tradition, kintsugi is the practice of gluing it […]

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How To Find Gratitude Amid Adversity & Struggle

Are you feeling the struggle right now? I’m with you. Here’s how to find gratitude and joy – even through adversity and pain. I’m no stranger to hardship. Having lived through adversity and tragedy from a very young age, I used to think that these struggles defined me. It’s really easy to get caught up […]

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