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Want to make better choices? Here are 10 signs of an empowered decision-maker. 

There was a time in my life when I really struggled with making decisions – even simple ones. 

In fact, I wouldn’t make a decision until I was forced

I let unresolved issues linger and go on forever. 

I got stuck in unhealthy relationships that extended years longer than they should have. 

And I did it all because I believed others’ opinions of me – more than I believed my own opinion of me. 

You see, effective decision-making starts with our beliefs. 

Oftentimes, we can’t step into a place of effective decision-making because we are still seeking validation and approval from all the wrong places. We have not addressed the beliefs about ourselves that are holding us back. 

But if we can start making decisions from the right place, then it becomes so much easier to create the empowered life we imagine.

Qualities of Great Decision-makers 

As I look at what great decision-makers do, I now find myself among them by choice

I decided I would become an empowered decision-maker. I did the work. And I committed to the daily practice. 

I let go, even when it hurt, and I allowed the relationships and environments that did not serve to fall away. Some people didn’t want to stick around for my transformation. They couldn’t understand my need to break out and break free from old mindsets and routines. 

But it was all worth it. 

Today, the decisions I make for myself come from a place of empowerment. Each choice is in alignment with my heart and what God has designed me to be. 

Now, I can see clearly in myself what I used to be able to see in other great decision-makers. 

10 Signs of an Empowered Decision-maker

Here are the 10 signs of empowered, healthy decision-makers that I practice daily. 

1. Healthy Boundaries 

The first step in making healthy decisions is to create the space and permission to make them. And that requires healthy boundaries. If you need more time to exercise each morning, you may need to declare your intention to others in your family. Maybe you need to let go of a relationship that’s been bringing too much negativity into your life. Whatever it is, learning to set healthy boundaries will help you create the time and emotional space to make the next right choice for you.  

2. Morning Routines  

If you look at any great decision-maker or accomplished individual, they typically share at least one powerful habit in common: an intentional morning routine. I like to incorporate time to check in with myself in my morning routine, but everyone will need something different. Ask yourself what you need to do to set yourself up for a day of empowered choices, and then slowly start building those practices into a daily morning routine. 

3. Commitment to Physical Health  

In my experience, one of the best ways to tap into your own inner wisdom is to move your body. I’m not saying you have to begin every day with a HIIT workout or 5-mile run. (Although if that works for you, then go for it!) Sometimes all it takes is a walk in nature or an at-home yoga class to feel like you’ve returned to yourself. For me, I love finding clarity on the tennis court. These days, inspiration often comes to me after I’ve let my body take over and my mind find rest. 

4. Optimized Environments  

Another important element of empowered decision-making is the quality of your environment. I’ve found that there’s a big difference in what I’m able to achieve when I intentionally choose validating environments over invalidating environments. That means letting go of the relationships, spaces, habits and distractions that no longer serve us – and creating something different. Regardless of where or how, the goal of an optimized environment is to simply give yourself the physical, emotional and spiritual space to check in with yourself and align your inner world with the future you want to create. 

5. Mindful Habits  

Once you’ve set a solid foundation with boundaries, a healthy morning routine and a conducive environment, it’s time to start layering in those other mindful habits that will help support you. What activities help you tap into your inner wisdom and find clarity? What daily healing practices remind you of your heart’s beliefs? What helps you reveal more of yourself to yourself? For me, I often turn to meditation, journaling, prayer, or even painting. 

6. Supportive Relationships  

Every empowered decision-maker knows that it’s so much harder to do this alone. That’s why supportive relationships are so important. They will help you stay committed to these practices. They will encourage you along the way. And they will cheer you on as you begin to make choices that align with the life you’ve always dreamed of living. Why? Well, there’s simply no room for anything else. 

7. Actionable Focus  

Once your mind, body, heart and relationships are all in alignment, it’s time to start taking focused action from this new place of empowerment. One thing all great decision-makers have in common is they actually take action. You can’t break free from disempowerment and step into a new life if you don’t actually take the next step. Transformation requires deliberate and focused action. 

8. Dedication to Lifelong Learning  

Great decision-makers don’t stop at just making great decisions. They will continue to learn to make better decisions and create an even more freeing and joyful life. That’s why lifelong learning is another key habit in an empowered life. There’s always more to discover within ourselves. 

9. Service To Others 

One of the best ways to learn how to make empowered decisions is to serve others. Why? It shows you what you have to offer. By taking the time to help someone else, you gain access to your deepest, most important contributions in this lifetime. At the same time, you’re making an impact that will have a positive ripple effect for years to come. We should be lifting each other up with our daily decisions – the same way our empowered decisions help us lift our own spirits every day. 

10. Joy

The final sign of empowered decision-making is the most important one. At the end of the day, living an empowered life is all about finding the joy. If you’re not living in joy, then what’s the point? Don’t forget to make the decision to stop and do something joyful. 

The Bottom Line 

Here’s the thing about empowered decision-making: Everyone is just one conversation, one change, one choice, away from a total life transformation. 

In fact, reading this blog could be the one thing that changes your life – if you decide to make it so. 

The choice to change is made in real time. 

If you’re reading this and you haven’t been making empowered decisions, then let this be your opportunity. Today is the day. Today, choose you.

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